#WeekendCoffeeShare: Cherry on Top

WCS Tea BagIf we were having coffee (and my tasty black iced tea), I’d offer you some Entemann’s Cherry Cheese Danish. Twas buy one/get one at the supermarket this week! This is such a delish dessert… I’ll try not to talk with my mouth full. No promises.

Let’s chat.

July weeks here are very much rinse, feel like you never dried off, repeat. I’m in a holding pattern (or if I was on Star Trek: The Next Generation, a temporal causality loop) whilst waiting out the heatwave, and so I apologize if I’m a repetitive bore. I’ll try to jazz it up with humor or some funny voices or something (of course, you can’t hear me through the computer/tablet/phone… imagine, you could be reading this on a phone, yet you can’t hear me. Enigma.)

Week, in general: Work is still work, which is why they still call it that. I managed to get some filing projects caught up and I’ll tell ya, nothing makes this girl happier than having files organized, labeled, color-coordinated, and up to date. Whee! The week also included much sitting still, watching of Jeopardy!, and yawning. The cicadas are singing morning, noon, and night. And I saw Mr. Bunny again this week! (Check out my Instagram #365Project.)

Weather: To prevent sweating/overheating, I’m practically snail walking (tell the truth: snails are moving faster). Hanging in there! Relief is on the way. And the a/c feels sooooo good.

Espanish: The teacher offered homework that involved making the hands for a clock and then telling time in Spanish. My first thought: forget the language, the millennials in the class won’t know how to put the clock together.

Treat of the week: The aforementioned Cherry Cheese Danish. Ooh! And Mom made this chicken-cheese-pscetti-broccoli casserole I like. Twas YUMMY!

This week’s fun: Limited fun due to limited movement due to unlimited humidity. The organizing of work files was fun (I am NOT weird). My full-throated rendition of Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson in the car was fun, too. Not as much driver’s seat dancing due to humidity, though.

This week’s challenge: Trying to be patient as plans I’m making can’t come to fruition immediately.

This week’s Bloggy Goodness:

There’s still a lil’ Cherry Cheese Danish left, and it’s not melting as I’m inside and will remain inside until our heatwave breaks. I guess I’ll have to go out if the cake runs out… Nah… maybe now’s the time to try the supermarket delivery thingy….

Until next time… with a cherry on top… Peace.

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15 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Cherry on Top

  1. I am working with millennials, and have to say the clock joke is truly funny because it is true!!! I will totally indulge in cherry cheese Danish, since it is digital. You can’t go wrong with Entemman’s Danish!! It has been ages since I had it..digitally delicious! Thanks for coffee.


    1. I’m still somewhat stunned about what they don’t know/don’t learn in school anymore.

      You’re welcome! I’ll eat your actual piece here for you. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚


  2. I’m intrigued by the cherry cheese Danish. What type of cheese is it? Are the cheeries sour, fresh? Sounds yum. We watched the final of Masterchef tonight and tomorrow is the grand finale. So, I have food on the brain. I abandoned the house this weekend going to a friend’s birthday yesterday and watching my daughter’s dance concert all afternoon today. I absolutely loved watching them all dance and enjoyed every minute of it. It was such a privilege to see these dancers close up and I’ve also known most of them for years. My daughter started dancing when she was 3 turning four and she’s now 11. So we’re really part of the family there. It’s so refreshing to be able to experience such a strong, close-knit community in the dance world. One of the girls has Down’s Syndrome and when she danced, everyone clapped and cheered just for her, versus the groups as a whole. You see see how much that clapping meant to her and seeing her was so encouraging to everyone there.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena


    1. Ya know, I don’t know what type of cheese. The cherries are not sour. In fact, the entire thing is quite sweet. There’s an icing drizzle on top, too….. Hold on, I have to get a piece for breakfast…

      … ….

      The dance concert sounds lovely. I’m sure it it quite a family, what with you all knowing each other for so long. That’s nice for you all. The clapping for that lovely student I’m sure meant the world to her. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day.

      Happy week!


  3. You had me at cherry cheese danish. Yes, please. I laughed at the milennials not being able to put the clock together. So funny because it is so true! Stay cool and thank goodness for a/c.


    1. From my personal experience with millennials and those younger. I have a young family member who can’t tell time on a clock that isn’t digital. *smh*


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