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Share Your World: Uno

On some Tuesdays, I shall participate in Share Your World, a weekly blog challenge some of the cool kids I know take part in. Today, my first installment!

What is something that people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?

Celebrity babies and pregnancies. Hey, famous females can reproduce, too! WOW!

What quirky things do people do where you are from?

They talk funny, in various ways, one of the quirkiest being that they turn the o at the end of a word into an a. For instance, libretto becomes libretta. … … Not that most people in the Philadelphia region walk around discussing librettos. That just indicates my weirdness and why I don’t fit in where I was born, because that’s literally the first word that popped into my head as an example.

What are some things you wish you could unlearn?

Well, I’m in the process of unlearning all the time things that aren’t true. The most pervasive one would be thoughts in my head that lie to me, like when anxiety and fear try to convince me of something. Over time, and with practice, that happens less and less. It would have been nice to not have to learn and unlearn this, but it is what it is… but it’s becoming what I make of it.

Who is someone that you miss having in your life?

No one. The people who are gone by choice (theirs or mine) aren’t to be missed. Those who are gone but still thought of fondly live on. Wait! I take that back. I miss John Cusack, pre-2000. Still.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for air conditioning and delicious iced tea made by baristas at a new Starbucks. I’m looking forward to continuing my Spanish studies with my new classmates.

This post is part of Share Your World, a weekly blog event, by Cee.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

6 thoughts on “Share Your World: Uno

  1. Regional dialects are fascinating. There are odd word choices, but you’re right that the way in which people pronounce the same word can vary… to a point of annoyance. To wit, I grew up in a place where many people pronounced “coffee” as “cafe.” So odd, yet that’s how they said it.

    Unlearning what isn’t true is a struggle that takes focus, but I’m figuring that it will lead to a better happier Daisy! No one is immune to the siren call of anxiety and fear, but if you know they can trick you then I believe you’re one step closer to your truth.


    1. That cafe for coffee is tame compared to using mango for a vegetable. Where are on earth are you from, girl?

      I agree, Ally. Thanks. Every day, steps closer. It’s the journey, ya?


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