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Movie Monday: Did You See and Agree?

It’s Monday! I saw a movie! Let’s discuss.

For the Love of Spock looks back at the career of Leonard Nimoy, his portrayer, and of the Star Trek character’s rise to iconic status. It tells the story of Leonard the man as well, and struggles he had himself and with family issues. It was like getting to know Spock’s other half, which was nice. The movie features interviews with original Star Trek actors, present-day ones, family members, and others who knew Leonard. It also features a lot of clips and happy Trek memories, especially about Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. That’s my favorite Star Trek movie and apparently the one Nimoy really wanted to make (it showed).

The story: Not based on a true story, like the past two weeks (Sully and Snowden). An actual true story! For the Love of Spock is a documentary about Nimoy and Spock, by his son, Adam.

The good: 

  • I learned more about the old Star Trek (which is before my time) and Spock, and Leonard, the actor.
  • It was about 2 hours of mostly smiling, of seeing more of Spock AND Leonard’s human side.

The not-as-good: 

  • I liked seeing the original actors talk about him more than the more recent ones, but I quibble.

Grade:  I’ll beam up 3 stars out of four. If you’re a Spock or Star Trek fan, you’ll really enjoy it. If you don’t know what this Spock adoration is all about (WHO ARE YOU WHO DOESN’T KNOW SPOCK?), it’s a fun ride to discovery.

Let me know what you thought of this flick in the comments. Thanks for reading. Live long and prosper.

Movie Monday is my extremely infrequent movie/TV show review series. Click here to read more reviews.


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4 thoughts on “Vulcan Viewing

  1. This looks interesting to me for lots of reasons. Spock is such a unique character that he’s captured all of our imaginations, I suspect. Checked out your freelance article, which lead me to another blog by you. Hmmm? I didn’t know you had two blogs, you are amazing.


    1. Spock *is* interesting. I find myself drawn to outsiders, like him. Let me know if you see the movie and what you think.

      Yes, I just recently began blogging again on my (formerly freelance writing) site, too. Not sure what that’s going to be other than I like essays and would like to get more published than what I’ve already had published. That site is Serious Me, we’ll call her, and she posts there on Wednesdays. Silly Me, which is Me Me, posts here, you know, when I feel like it, as one does. 🙂

      Thanks, Ally. A nice compliment helps ease the Mondays, you know? Mucho appreciated.


      1. I like your plan for your two different points of view. I’ve seen a few other bloggers do something similar and it was a great success. Best of luck to Serious Me and to Silly Me.


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