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#ThursdayDoors: Found

Cleaning out computer files is no fun, as I’m sure you know. But sometimes, you find something you forgot was there (who am I kidding, that happens EVERY time). I recently discovered these photos, taken by me, on May 25, 2016. That’s right! A year ago today! Before I even knew of  #ThursdayDoors. 

Twas my last day of freedom before starting a new job and I spent its sunshiny goodness in the teeny town of Lambertville, New Jersey, with camera in hand.

This gate (yes, not technically a door) was open and welcoming. And pretty, I thought.

These fellas were doing all they could to make this fancy store even more appealing on the outside for passersby, to entice them to stop and shop.

These doors? Not so inviting. Doors all locked. AND look at the rust at the bottom of the railings… Tsk tsk. (I’m not a church-goer anyway, but if it’s pretty, I can admire it. This one could use some work, I’m afraid.)

And yes, this last bit isn’t a door, but there’s a door nearby that leads to a kitchen that serves yummy food. And these tables were oh so inviting… I couldn’t help but snap them, too.

If only I could find myself strolling around soon on a sunny weekday again… what? My new work year starts/new vacation days kick in tomorrow?


This post is one of many through Thursday Doors by Norm Frampton. See other doors — from around the world — on his weekly linkup and/or on the Twitter at #ThursdayDoors.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

8 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Found

  1. Nice collection. I love the decorative ironwork on the first gate shot.
    Found in the archives is kinda my theme song lately. Here’s to finding time to get out to explore at a leisurely pace 🙂


    1. Thanks, Norm!
      Agreed. I’ve been getting out a lot this week due to hell arriving next week (heat/humidity). Is it cooler in Canada? Maybe I’ll move there. 🙂


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