#WeekendCoffeeShare: Carnival

WCS Tea BagIf we were having coffee, I’d apologize for still being tired. Last week, I said I was going to start moving forward on Monday. Then Monday came and I was again upsetting event-adjacent. I’m hoping my quota for such things for the year is almost met. It’s nice to see you, though, even if through bleary eyes. Let’s chat.

The phone rang at work on Monday morning bringing some seriously tragic news. Other than I’m a human being and it’s bad and sad, and I took the call and had to tell others, it didn’t affect me directly. Twas serious enough, though, and concerned others greatly enough to put a pall over the rest of the week in the office and to generally make me a little sad if I thought about it, which I tried not to.

Not every week is the funnest, happiest, smoothest, etc. Oh, life, what a carnival you are! There are always moments, though. So I’m going to try to record those, so as to counterbalance the dark clouds with some sunshine.

On Tuesday, I took Blue Tootie to the car hospital, and wrote about it. Read and SEE what I found along my walk back to the office after dropping her off. (la la la la la la, la la la la la….)

One co-worker and I have this thing we do: every now and then, we’ll walk to where the area where the other one sits, hover near the door until they look up, and just smile and wave. It’s silly on normal days, and essential on difficult ones. He also gave me some pumpernickel bread. That or a bouquet of Dixon Ticonderoga #2s is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re one of my favorite-est people.

My Mom’s doggie obliged me several times as it was too cloudy or I was just too tired to get a photo outside/on a walk, etc., for my #365Project on Instagram. On Friday, I took his selfie… What? Check it out.

And thank the deity of your choice (or my friend’s favorite, Ralph, the holy head of lettuce) for music. All week. Every time in the car. Every time at my desk at home. Uplifting, sad, angry, happy: a song for every emotion. Free therapy. Ahhhhhh.

Unfortunately, there’s a possibility of being upsetting news-adjacent by week’s end. (This is the cost of interacting with humans, eh? I AM tall enough to ride this ride. I usually prefer the Merry-Go-Round to a roller coaster like this….). But I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing: staying as calm as possible, being a soothing voice/ear, etc. Looking back over the one-two-three punch of the past three weeks, I’ve handled the ride by being a calming voice in the chaos. And I haven’t thrown up once!

I’m passing the tests, I think. Not patting myself on the back, just happy that I can handle more than I thought, and with compassion (twas not sure how such surprises may affect me again (it had been a while)). Hopefully after this week, there will be respite for a bit. If not (or until then) — tunes, walks (I think that might counteract the tired), good eats, and deep breathing. And hands up!

Until next week… Peace.

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Roller coaster pix from Pixabay contributors.

11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Carnival

  1. Life can be a roller coaster ride. Glad you can see the bright side. The little, stop by the door and wave thing is a pretty cool habit you and your co-worker have gotten into.

    I hope you have a great week!


  2. Life as a carnival, how true. Pumpernickel bread is so tasty when broken into bits and eaten with spinach dip. Tunes, walks, good eats, and deep breathing sound like great advice. Thanks for sharing.


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