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Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. I have always loved my birthday and that is totally my father’s fault. He made awesome cakes and made sure that my day was special, even though my birthday was also HIS birthday. That’s right: today is also the day my father was born.

Birthday girl and cake
Yes, that’s Oscar, but I think he looks a bit like Dad… just me?

I was born on his 27th birthday. (I was 27 when he died.) My age and the last two digits of his birth year are the same this year. His age would have matched the last two digits of my birth year (if he was still alive) this year. (The numbers oddities fascinate me.)

It was always a fun day, celebrating our birthday. It’s still the funnest of days, you know. What better way to remember somebody than to be happy on the happiest day of your year?

Picture time!


This is what happens when Mom takes the picture when someone’s in motion. And yes, that’s iced tea in my cup.



High school grad. Well, Mom took this one, too, but we were standing still, so that helped.



I made Dumbo fly. Dad pushed the bar down to make him float near the ground. I pushed it up, again and again, and made Dumbo fly. Dad threw up when he got off the Dumbo ride.



I love this picture. His hand is huge compared to mine. I’m holding onto his thumb and apparently patting him on the back. Good job holding me, Dad! Get used to the burgundy — Mom LOVES burgundy!


Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday to uh-uussssss!
Happy Birthday to us!

Besides my dad making birthdays awesome, I’m just a fan of living and celebrating the fact that I made it ’round the sun one more time. Today starts the next journey ’round and who knows what this year will bring. Hoping for peace, joy, growth, good health, good conversation, and for someone to invent Oreo Blizzards that have zero calories and clothes that launder themselves.

Happy New Year to me!


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! What a bunch of fun coincidences with you and your dad’s birthday numbers. I like stuff like that, too. Patting your dad’s back, too cute. Wishing you the best as you start your next year.


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