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#ThursdayDoors: Me, the Doors, and David Bowie

Welcome to my second #ThursdayDoors. On a recent day trip to Frenchtown, New Jersey, I found several doors, a bit of David Bowie, and connection. Check it out! 

Sometime in the recent past, I came across a site with notebooks, which led me to search for their maker, which led me to sellers, and THAT is how I found Modern Love. Twas the closest retailer selling a particular notebook I wanted (and, as I found on their website, other weird, unique and wonderful things) and, as I was once called the Stationery Queen (another story for another time), I sooooo wanted to visit. When my first real vacation in forever rolled around last week, I meandered along the Delaware River up to Frenchtown where Modern Love lives.

THIS is Modern Love, which I remember reading (but can’t find again) that the owner named partly in homage to David Bowie.

THIS is what I bought there:

Because who doesn’t need typewriter notecards (front covers = various versions of typewriters), notecards that resemble old-timey library Date Due cards, and a teeny hedgehog in which to grow strawberries. (Alas, the notebook was not available this time.)

Wandering around the streets of town, I found this door. I thought it was pretty and so *click*, er, *tap*.

Whilst continuing to wander (and look for doors, of course), I discovered a happy place that I didn’t know was there: an independent bookstore! This little corner of creativity is The Book Garden. It’s tucked inside an old Victorian-style home, complete with creaky floors and a lovely door.

Once inside, I loaded my arms up with many items I didn’t need, but simply had to have. As I wandered, I decided to limit myself to four (because they fit within the budget I set for myself after grabbing one of everything). This is what I bought there:

Because one needs a Shakespeare Secular Saint candle, to aid with writing, and a book wrapped like a present with words teasing what might be inside and asking “Try me.” I also bought a birthday gift for Mom and Prince: A to Z, in which every letter corresponds to something in the Purple wonder’s life, a sort of alphabet book for adults.

“You know,” the man behind the desk with the toy-like cash register said, “I wasn’t a big Prince fan, but when he died and I started hearing more of his music…”

“You realized he was the master,” I said.

The man nodded. “Same thing with David Bowie. I knew some of his songs from my kids, who are just out of college, but last year, I heard some acoustic stuff that really knocked me off my feet.”

I nodded.

“It’s sad,” he said. “Both of them gone.”

“Yeah. Last year was bad,” I said.

He paused. “Yeah, now this year we have Trump.”

I smiled. “I can’t decide if that’s worse.”

We chatted some more while he rang up my items. He did most of the talking and that’s fine by me (introvert, you know). He told me he lived in Montreal and several U.S. states. Now, he lives in Frenchtown, retired, co-owning a lovely bookstore and making small talk with customers he’s never met until that moment.

“I’m going to take $1 off everything, so…” He wrote each item and the price, minus a dollar, on what looked like a waitress pad. “Now, give me a minute of quiet. I need…”

“You need to math,” I said. “I get it.” I didn’t remind him that he’d been the one doing most of the talking.

I paid for my goods, which he lovingly placed in a big bag that says PEACE LOVE BOOKS. He wished me well, told me to enjoy the day, and said I should come back again. I said I would. And I will.

It’s nice to know some doors are always open.

(more photos in the gallery below)

This post is part of Thursday Doors by Norm Frampton. Check out other doors on his weekly linkup and/or on the Twitter at #ThursdayDoors.

More Frenchtown Photos

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15 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Me, the Doors, and David Bowie

  1. Your doors are wonderful, pretty and meaningful. I’ve never heard of this little community, but it looks like my kind of place with the right people there to make it quirky and fun. I, too, NEED a Shakespeare Secular Saint candle. Way cool.


    1. Thank you so much, Ally. Ya know, Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame lives(lived) there so twas a bit famous during the height of her book for that. It’s a cute lil’ town, but sadly, too many stores were for rent. 😦 Got an idea to set up shop? 🙂

      You NEED a Shakespeare Secular Saint candle? Hmmm… when is your birthday? 🙂


  2. The Book Garden sounds like it was a wonderful discovery. I just love that old book smell only found in used bookstores. Nice door and stairs too.
    What a lovely way to spend part of the day.


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