#ThursdayDoors: Closing Time

This is my inaugural Thursday Doors post! After enjoying the photos of others FOR.EV.ER. I FINALLY got my act together and posted my own! Check it out! 

I’ve driven past this shop a thousand times. It’s a shoe store in a teeny town it seems that time forgot. The florist nearby has been in business for decades, though. Will flowers ever go out of favor (or will big box stores find a way to outsell them)? The pizza shop seems to change owners weekly, but it remains (and probably will). The laundromat is closed — I guess nearby residents managed to all get in-house washer/dryers.

He sold family shoes. He then switched to specialty shoes (work boots, ortho).

“I wonder how he stays in business,” I thought every time I passed.

The other day, passing through again, it seems he can’t.

Now, he’ll sell no shoes. It’s closing time. Another mom and pop shop bites the dust.

Closing Time 2

This post is part of Thursday Doors by Norm Frampton. Check out other doors on his weekly linkup and/or on the Twitter at #ThursdayDoors.


  1. So many of these small stores are closing around here, too. Walmart and Amazon have done them in. I feel sorry for the owners and wonder what will become of all the real estate they leave behind. Nice inaugural Thursday doors post. Looking forward to more.



    1. Thanks so much, Ally. If history of other stores in the area is any indication, they’ll sit, empty, for a long time (forever?). There are a lot of strip malls and even big malls with empty stores here. And they’re building even more, which I don’t get. I shop local when I can, but it’s getting harder and harder to do.



      1. I don’t get that either about building new malls– or lifestyle centers as they’re now called around here. Is it so difficult to re-furbish the old ones? I try to, if not shop locally, at least dine in local restaurants instead of chain ones.



  2. Yay! Welcome to #ThursdayDoors 😀
    A timely subject. In fact this week someone else posted about the decline in bricks & mortar retail establishments as well.
    I do think we’re all going to regret it when the only choices we have left are big-box superstores or online ordering, but time will tell.
    Hopefully another business will find a use for this place. Thanks for joining us this week 🙂



    1. Thanks, Norm! I’m happy to participate. Thanks for this great idea. I’ve been enjoying the photos for weeks, but hadn’t had time to jump in. Vacation does wonders. 🙂

      I think we’ll regret it, too. I like wandering around small stores and being able to shop close to home. *sigh*



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