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Random Thoughts Thursday: March Forward

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: March Forward

  • Temps in the 60s this week, but snow now predicted for the weekend.
  • Mother Nature thinks she’s soooo hilarious, what with making it cold and snowy on my days off and warm and sunny on work days.
  • At this rate, my upcoming vacation will find me blizzard-bound and unable to leave my house.
  • Last weekend, as I typed wearing shorts in 70 degree weather, I decided that the snowflakes on my site looked stupid now.
  • Now, I can’t decide.
  • I’m already acquiring a driver’s tan due to the fact that spring decided to show up early.
  • There should be a rule that once temps hit 65, winter is officially over and snow may not happen, even if it’s still winter.
  • I had cookies for breakfast.
  • If it’s good enough for Cookie Monster, it’s good enough for me.
  • Yes, I still enjoy Muppet-y creatures.
  • No, YOU are weird because fun must be had and what’s more fun than a Muppet?
  • That was rhetorical — I don’t really want to know what you think is more fun.
  • I know, that’s no fun, eh?
  • I have no official fun planned for the weekend, just like most weekends.
  • I think it’s most fun to just be and read and do whatever strikes me.
  • Apparently, this weekend will feature snowflakes striking me if I venture outside.
  • I can deal.
  • I’m struggling to deal with the 60 minutes of precious sleep I’m losing due to the dreaded Daylight Saving Time.
  • I may get whiplash from shaking my head as too many people think the days actually get longer and that the light later in the day wouldn’t happen unless we did this… … … (sure, 9:30 sunsets wouldn’t happen, but 8:30 is good enough for me).
  • I won’t think about that now — since that is not fun.
  • Speaking of not fun, work work work.
  • Until the weekend! Happy happy, peeps.

Random Thoughts Thursday is published on… anyone…. anyone… Thursdays! It features whatever thoughts are running through my wee brain. On the third Thursday of each month, there’s a super special Brief Epistles edition. Letters! Of a random variety! Click here for more Random Thoughts Thursday entries (or click here for previous Brief Epistles editions).


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday: March Forward

  1. Your snowflakes are falling on my screen. They’re back!

    We’ve got the same wacko forecast. It’s 70°F right now. Supposed to be 20°F tomorrow night. Just thinking about the weather makes me tired and I haven’t lost an hour of sleep yet.


    1. Aw, no fun working on the weekend (unless you like that sort of thing. 😉 ). I’ll just bundle up like the Michelin man if I go outside. NOTHING WILL STOP MY WEEKENDING!



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