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RTT: One Thing Leads to Another

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: One Thing Leads to Another

  • DSFRTT FroggieWhen I went to lunch, I didn’t need a coat. Coming back from lunch, my hands are freezing and it’s like Kansas out there.
  • Where’s my little black dog? I hope it’s not a twister.
  • Auntie Em!
  • Just looked up the difference between an em dash and an en dash.
  • Apparently, it’s, like, a  millimeter.
  • I don’t want to get all caught up in size — that’s for our new president (and I just remember the opposite of what he says is usually true, so… small hands, small crowds, small penis, small man).
  • You didn’t hear the big sigh I just let out as I looked out the window what I should write about next.
  • Did you know that I usually sigh in French? That’s right. *le sigh*
  • hahahahahaha… or le hahahahahahaha
  • The Post-It™ notes on my desk at work are the loveliest shade of lavender.
  • I almost hate to write on them, they’re so pretty.
  • Isn’t it hilare when millennials see cursive writing and go “what language is that?”
  • I’m going to take a Spanish class soon, to start preparing for my trek along the Camino de Santiago in 2022.
  • Oh, you didn’t know I’m going to do that? I am! (Google it if you’re unfamiliar with the Camino or watch the lovely Emilio Estevez film The Way. Great flick!)
  • My Spanish is barely there anymore after having taken it in high school, but I remember some things, like a most important question: Donde es el baño?; and, of course, from more recent political times ¡Sí, se puede!
  • Will I post Random Thoughts Thursday again next week? Es posible.
  • Until then, ¡Adiós!

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I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

6 thoughts on “RTT: One Thing Leads to Another

  1. Okay, second try to leave a comment.

    About an em dash and an en dash. I had college level class in graphic design/ old-time printing and I cannot tell them apart. Use whichever one you want.

    About the Camino de Santiago. Have you read Fumbling by Kerry Egan? It’s a delightful memoir about her adventures along the path. One of my favorite books.


      1. Also, if you’re interested, there’s a blog called: Santiago Dreaming. It’s written by Colleen who, besides being my longest follower, walked the path then wrote about it. All her posts about it are under the tag: The Camino. She is very interesting. FWIW.


  2. It’s a bit late for RTT, but I hope its ok to throw in a few RCM (random comment Monday).

    Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. Feel free to swing back by whenever the mood strikes.

    Love the love of your blog. Especially the falling snow. Feels wintry, and makes me want to jump back under the covers for a long winters nap.

    I’m new here so I’ll have to look around, but I noticed your Camino tag (and Ally Bean’s earlier comment). I’m planning to go with my wife this Spring!



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