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Random Thoughts Thursday: January Brief Epistles

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week:spam-964521_640

Brief Epistles ~ January Edition



  • Dear #OurFirstStand Protesters:

I enjoyed the signs as the throngs of you walked through the busy intersection, but as always, there was someone playing a tambourine. Is there protesting protocol calling for a tambourine?


She who stands (and bangs the tambourine) with you


  • Dear People Who Don’t Know What the #OurFirstStand Protests Were About on Sunday:

I’ll give you a hint: ACA (that’s the Affordable Care Act). Now google to find out more on your own.

Technologically yours,

She who benefits from the ACA and also the google, often


  • Dear Rest of the World:

Please pray for us as Sir Orange Tiny Hands is inaugurated tomorrow.


She who would have welcomed literally anyone else



  • Dear Anyone Else:

Let’s start working on 2020 strategy now, shall we?

Impatiently yours,

She who’s not the only one counting the days (and if you’re not counting the days until this fiasco is over, share that on your own blog — on the rare occasion I’ll discuss politics, my site is a commiseration zone for anti-Orange Is the New Black — Literally folks. Thx. Sincerely, Mgmt.)


  • Dear Australian Open:

Thanks for providing a distraction from our political nightmare.

With love and love,

She who’s racket is pink (and just like new)


  • Dear Vacation Time:

Thanks just for being you.


She who enjoyed spending time with you this week


  • Dear Reader:

Thanks for reading. Cyber hugs for everyone!



Random Thoughts Thursday is published on… anyone…. anyone… Thursdays! It features whatever thoughts are running through my wee brain. On the third Thursday of each month, there’s a super special Brief Epistles edition. Letters! Of a random variety! Click here for more Random Thoughts Thursday entries (or click here for previous Brief Epistles editions).


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday: January Brief Epistles

    1. Making up words is a-ok with me. I like it! And…
      Dear Ally:
      Thanks for reading and for commenting. I appreciate it.
      Sincerely, no, really, sincerely,


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