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Clearing cookies

Clear cookies. Computer suggested and it seemed like a good idea. Computer will run faster with my download folder and temporary files and cookies removed. Click the box to clear cookies. Delete browsing data.

Then I go to a site I visit often, several times a day. The welcome screen looks different and the username box is empty.

Eyeroll capable of being seen from space.

Why did I do that? The clear cookies box sat unchecked, looking harmless and empty, for months. I should have left it that way but nooooooooo. Check, click, followed quickly by face palm.

How could I forget which username I need for a site I use frequently? Well, that’s easy. A gazillion sites and varying passwords for each = I can’t remember. Plus, for the longest time, I left the clear cookies button unchecked… no need to tax the brain remembering log in information, except when I have to because I’m an idiot. I have a book in which many usernames/passwords are written down, but not all. Not yet. (Quick check: do I remember my own phone number? … … … yep. Oh, good.)

Oh, my life and brain! How you both like to make sure I’m never bored.

Note to self: clear cookies is only good advice when the chocolate chips enrobed in sugary goodness sit on a plate, waiting, calling your name.




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