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RTT: Chicken and a moonwalk

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Chicken and a moonwalk

  • DSFRTT FroggieI eat chicken almost every day.
  • I’m a chicken-tarian.
  • I haven’t yet started to grow feathers or bwock-bwock-bwock.
  • Well, how would you spell it?
  • A three-day weekend followed by a four-day work week spells I can’t wait for the weekend upcoming, even though it’s only two days.
  • Would four-day work weeks every week suck less?
  • Don’t mind me. I just need a vacation from vacation. The holidays are like work.
  • This is the official reason I give for not being able to stay up until midnight on New Year’s anymore (and not my advancing age).
  • Work after holidays + endless rainy days = gloom-me.
  • My pick-me-up these days has been Pentatonix’s version of Hallelujah on repeat.
  • In the car, the bass level is set all the way up. When the bass guy comes in with his deeeeeeeep harmony, the car vibrates.
  • I’m a big fan of harmony, the mixing of voices and ranges and sounds that complement each other.
  • If only people talking at the same time sounded as sweet.
  • If only people talking… sounded as sweet.
  • I made a new year’s resolution to sing every day.
  • That’s totally cheating — I do that anyway… SUCCESS!
  • I should also make a resolution to eat chicken almost every day. Look at me — winning again!
  • Why is only one hand cold as I type this? They’re both exposed, and yet only righty is chilly.
  • Shall I wear one glove and tell people it’s an homage to Michael Jackson?
  • I’m going to say this in a nice way as we come to an end for today: Beat it.
  • #seewhatIdidthere

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I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

6 thoughts on “RTT: Chicken and a moonwalk

    1. Happy new year! I don’t eat any other meat really so if I want meat protein, chicken’s it for me. I wonder when I’ll get sick of that song… … I don’t do NY resolutions either. Just a lil’ humor. I do set goals, though. Have to set goals, I think.


  1. Happy New Year! I’m not as fond of chicken as you are, but respect your desire to eat it daily. I think that if we consistently worked four days a week it’d be okay, but this series of weeks with confusing schedules has me flummoxed. I like your sing every day resolution. So easy to do. Good list, nicely random.


    1. Happy New Year, Ally! I have been confused as to what day it is. I haven’t written 2016 in the new year, but today, I did write the date as December… HUH? My resolutions, if I do any, are like what I would choose to give up for Lent, if I ever did that anymore, which I haven’t since I was 13 — choose what you already do and you’re a winner! Thank you. My random thinking brain thanks you, too.


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