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RTT: Brief Epistles ~ December Edition

spam-964521_640They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week:

Brief Epistles ~ December Edition

  • Dear Sunday New York Times:

Oh, how I’ve missed you. It has been years since I’ve spent my Sunday with you and gotten ink all over my hands. Thanks for being 50% off for a year. You smell great. You taught me so much.

With love,

She who can’t wait until next week to see you again


  • Dear Mr. Skunk:

I get it — you got scared (or run over?) and thus released your scent. I merely drove by wherever you were hiding (or crushed by the side of the road) and miles later could still smell your odor. Dude, you linger like a guy wearing too much Axe Body Spray. *shudder*

Sniffily yours,

She who’s still holding her nose


  • Dear Winter:

Thanks for showing up this year! It’s been so long, I had to hunt for my rainbow gloves, which I found in the coat I haven’t worn in two years because it’s been like summer 24/7.  Don’t leave too soon, and make sure you give me at least one really good snowstorm, OK?


She who loves the cold



  • Dear Chick-fil-a:

Love the Super Food Side.


She who now loves kale


  • Dear Happy Holidays:

Maybe be more proactive and put spells on people to make them act with kindness and thoughts of others more now and then all year long.


She who doesn’t need gifts if you get her that


  • Dear People Who Are Upset I Said Happy Holidays and Not Merry Christmas:

Get a real problem.

Secularly yours,

She who knows axial tilt is the reason for the season


  • Dear Reader:

Thanks for reading. Cyber hugs for everyone!



Random Thoughts Thursday is published on… anyone…. anyone… Thursdays! It features whatever thoughts are running through my wee brain. On the third Thursday of each month, there’s a super special Brief Epistles edition. Letters! Of a random variety! Click here for more Random Thoughts Thursday entries (or click here for previous Brief Epistles editions).


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

2 thoughts on “RTT: Brief Epistles ~ December Edition

  1. Axial tilt? Brilliant and accurate observation. Do not get why “Happy Holidays” is such a problem, but have taken to saying “Happy Christmas and Merry New Year” which seems to befuddle those people who insist on telling me that “Happy Holidays” is wrong. Great RTT as usual.


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