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It’s official. On Thursday, December 8, I finally conceded defeat. After years now of finding and foiling its plot, I am becoming outnumbered and simply can’t go on fighting.

Little white hairs pop out on my hairline. I see some springing to life in my part. And for a long time, I would seek and destroy, plucking them from within their auburn nest. They were short by the time I caught them white-handed. They were (and still are) extremely outnumbered by brown comrades.

Woman pulling white hair

Artist rendering of the actual event.

But that morning, as I brushed my beyond-the-shoulder length tresses, one popped up on the side, springing to life with a curl all the white hairs apparently long to be. And it was more than half as long as the surrounding brown hairs.

How did you get by me, you little bugger, I thought. I shouldn’t have been surprised, because last year, I bought my first pair of reading glasses at the dollar store (simply because companies are making the text on products and boxes much smaller now, of course). This long white curly hair mocked me, daring me to pluck it.

I thought about it, but then decided to let it be.

Anderson Cooper is older than me and has been white-haired since his 20s, he has said. I accepted, hell, I celebrate the laugh lines around my eyes, which I’ve had for decades. I EARNED those. Well, maybe I earned the white hairs, too, if only by living as long as I have so far on planet Earth.

It’s no biggie anyway, right? I look younger than I am (coworker, bless his heart, guessed 30 and admitted he thought he was guessing too high, and I’m frequently asked what college I go to, still). Plus, the brown hairs still maintain control, for now. Go ahead, white hairs! Come in and curl ’til your heart’s content. I won’t bother you anymore (of course, I can’t see most of you, so that’s a help).

But look out, white eyebrow hair. You stood out like a sore thumb (especially in the magnifying mirrors) so you had no hope of survival. Of course you return incessantly, unlike many a brown hair I plucked by accident (WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN?). I haven’t given up on you… yet. I wonder how long it will be until that one gets a few more friends…

For now, though, white head hairs, be free! I surrender.


10 thoughts on “Waving the White Hair

  1. Ally Bean says:

    You are a wise woman to just let it go. Not make too big of a deal about it. Ultimately white hairs can be subdued with chemicals should you decide to go that route. But in the meantime, taking the high road is great.


    1. Tara says:

      I prolly won’t dye my hair. Can’t stand the smells and I hate going to the salon. http://www.daisysmileyface.com/2015/10/20/salon-farewell/ I might have a wig made…. 🙂


  2. Tara says:

    I find (bright) white eyebrow hairs too?!


    1. Tara says:

      What is UP WITH THAT? I feel your pain.


  3. wccunningham says:

    Embrace it. It’s a sign of wisdom. 🙂


    1. Tara says:

      That’s wise info. Thanks. 😉


  4. Beaton says:

    I totally get this and dyeing is such a hustle so embrace the wisdom hey


    1. Tara says:

      Yep, another friend told me white hairs mean we’re wise. We’re going to be really wise before our years. hahaha


      1. Beaton says:

        hahahaha well we tell ourselves what we need to hear to get what needs to be done, DONE yes? ☻☺


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