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It’s that time of year — Thanksgiving. I write things I’m grateful for every time I write in my journal, but it’s a tradition on the ol’ blog to post a list of things I’m thankful for. Here then is the 2016 Thanksgiving Post: Gratitudinous!

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve ever written, I’m especially thankful for you (and your eyeballs). I’m thankful for writers of all stripes, whose books I stack on my desk and swear I’ll read as soon as I have more energy and free time. Sometimes, I actually pull it off, too.

I’m thankful that I’ve managed to pull off not hurting myself too dramatically this year. I hurt my foot trying to do this ninja move where, with my hands full, I tried to kick a delivered box from the step into the house with my right foot not realizing how close to the edge of the step was my left, or how heavy the box was. I’m thankful I’m good at creative things because obviously science just isn’t my thing (force, motion, weight pushing me backwards…..).

I’m thankful for: McDonald’s yogurt parfait and the girls who recognize me (and my addiction) daily; the Starbucks baristas who give me free tea because I make them smile; Canada Dry Ginger Ale; co-workers who are fun to have lunch with; optimism, realism, pragmatism; rainbows, which I see in street signs, puddles, and more; pretty notecards; soft pretzels; my Kitchen Aid hand mixer (amazing!); organic/vegan/non-toxic sensitive skin deodorant (where have you been all my life); online shopping; the non-stop jukebox in my head (always singing); flyaway cardigans; unanticipated texts/hellos; This Is Us; that Prince existed; that Gilmore Girls gets a proper goodbye; that the perfume I’ve been wearing since age 13 ~ Anaïs Anaïs ~ still smells so good and instantly makes me feel better with a single spritz.

And, as always, I’m grateful for breath, for connection, for light, love, and peace.

Wishing you more things than you can count to be thankful for.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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