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RTT: Brief Epistles, October Edition

spam-964521_640They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week:

Brief Epistles ~ October Edition

  • Dear Summer:

How can I miss you if you won’t go away?


Autumn Is My Favorite


  • Dear White Hairs:

I understand you want to be free, but can you start your assault on the back of my head or under other hairs, not in the front right on my hairline?

Colorfully yours,

She who doesn’t want to dye


  • Dear Traffic:

You suck.


She who can drive with one particular finger in the air at all times



  • Dear Kiefer:

On Designated Survivor, could you please speak a little louder? I haven’t had to watch a show with the closed captioning on since True Detective (Season 1).


She who doesn’t want to read her TV


  • Dear Extroverts:

Shut. Up. Just for a little while.

Quietly yours,

… … …


  • Dear teeny tiny Twix:

I love you, you bite-sized drops of deliciousness.

Gushingly yours,

Wait, I ate the whole bag already?


  • Dear Reader:

Thanks for reading. Cyber hugs for everyone!



Random Thoughts Thursday is published on… anyone…. anyone… Thursdays! It features whatever thoughts are running through my wee brain. On the third Thursday of each month, there’s a super special Brief Epistles edition. Letters! Of a random variety! Click here for more Random Thoughts Thursday entries (or click here for previous Brief Epistles editions).


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

2 thoughts on “RTT: Brief Epistles, October Edition

  1. You’re at your epistolary best here. I agree about the sound, or lack thereof, on some of these TV shows. My iPhone has clearer sound. I’ve not tried to the little Twix because I’d eat them all in one sitting and that’d be bad. Right? I’m tired of the extroverts, too. This election has brought them all out, and they won’t go away to wherever it is they go. *meh*


    1. Thank you, Ally. I think it would be bad if we ate the teeny Twix all in one sitting. There’s no warning against it on the bag, though, so….. 🙂 And thank you for the compliment. Love the big word. 🙂


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