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Will the four…stars be with you?

Movie Monday: Did You See and Agree?

It’s Monday! I saw a movie! Let’s discuss.

Star Wars VII poster

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A few days ago, in a living room far, far away, I finally watched the movie y’all saw in the theaters last Christmas. I had hope (a new hope? STAR WARS IV REFERENCE!) that the Star Wars reboot would be good since the same peeps rebooted Star Trek and I enjoyed that (only saw the first flick, in 2009). But Star Trek was not a staple, a defining cultural touchstone, of my youth like Star Wars. After people poorly remade Annie, The Karate Kid, and other movies from my childhood, and threatened to remake Say Anything (Say WHAT?!?), I watched with trepidation the VIIIth installment of Star Wars. (NOTE: I have never, nor will I ever, see the Sith nonsense of eps I, II and III.)

The story: Oh, come on. It’s the same story every time: Good versus evil. Light versus dark. Someone’s reluctant to use their power and get involved in intergalactic affairs. Daddy issues. Family drama. It’s a space-y soap opera. And plus there’s CHEWY. ❤

The good: See the aforementioned Chewy as well as cameos from all the usual suspects from IV, V and VI. Did everyone eyeroll when C-3PO popped into the screen or was that just me? I was happy to see R2D2 finally come to life, and I enjoyed BB-8. I liked Finn’s humor and the snark of Poe, the new most awesome pilot. Best of all, the newest Jedi is a badass woman! I also enjoyed seeing some of the old with the new, including the Millennium Falcon and X-wing and TIE Fighters, some of the coolest ships in the galaxy.

The not-as-good: The story was basically Star Wars: A New Hope all over again, but a bit more soap opera-y with the revelation of who Kylo Ren’s parents are. Just me or does Kylo Ren sans mask = Snape, the early years? I liked the action scenes, but was disappointed that there wasn’t more dialogue (I would guess the script is just a pamphlet). And when there was talking, it felt a little too much like the characters from the past knew we were watching. Han Solo to Leia: “You changed your hair.” I imagine that brought huge laughs in the theater. It was cute, but some nostalgic nods felt overdone. Speaking of overdone, at the end, when Rey holds out the light saber, she did a good job emoting with her face. On the other hand, Mr. Skywalker himself proved that one can chew scenery without actually speaking as he strained his face (pulled a neck muscle?) looking back at her for what seemed an endless end shot. Speaking of end shots, if anyone didn’t see that Han storyline coming…

Did I enjoy it? Sure. Twas a fun two hours. I’ll give it 2.5 stars out of four . I enjoyed the action, some laughs, and some fun flashbacks to seeing the first one (that’s IV-A New Hope) in my footie pjs at a drive-in. I’ll look forward to the next two installments. Will Skywalker speak? Will he still be whiny? Will Admiral Ackbar tell us “It’s a trap!”? Will someone shut 3PO down because he’s so annoying? And just how powerful will Rey become?

Let me know what you thought of this flick in the comments. Thanks for reading. And may the force be with you…. always.

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2 thoughts on “Will the four…stars be with you?

  1. I loved the movie. They were my favorites growing up and this one was a great tribute to the original three (very wise not seeing episodes I, II or III – not worth the price, film or time). I would say this one would have been better for you to see at the movies because of the reaction of the audience to the nostalgia.


    1. I just can’t bring myself to go the the actual movie theater anymore. Maybe again someday…… Thanks for the comment! May the force be with you… always.


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