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RTT: Some Things Shiny

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  This week: Some Things Shiny

  • The sun has returned to the horizon and my sunset drives have recommenced since The Dark Days of May have ended (9 days with no sun).
  • During my drives, I frequently ignore boundaries or consider them a suggestion for a course of action that goes against it.
  • Can’t help it ~ I’m an Aries.
  • No turn on red? But no one’s coming and this light lasts for a decade, so if it’s clear, I’m going.
  • If a turner turns on red and no cop sees it, did it really happen?
  • Pennsylvania’s getting a new light: the yellow left turn arrow letting left turners they must yield to cars and pedestrians and that time’s running out.
  • Or as I like to refer to it: the call to go faster because I’m not stopping because I’ve waited forever for the jerk in the front to start moving when the light originally turned green and I’m not waiting through the endless line of traffic coming the other way to finally go when my light turns red or waiting for the next green arrow to appear.

Traffic Signals

  • That all wouldn’t fit on a t-shirt or bumper sticker, eh?
  • PA also upped the speed limit on many highways to 70mph (don’t know what that is for all you metric system users  ~ you know, the rest of the freakin’ world but us).
  • 5 more mphs and they’ll finally be at the minimum of what people drive now. Way to go!
  • I’m wishing for nothing but green lights as Muse and I sit down to write some things together.
  • Hope she doesn’t get distracted by the ‘something shiny!’ Or put up a red light.
  • Hey, Muse! Let’s hit a country road with no end in sight and see where it goes.
  • Where we’ll stop, nobody knows.
  • Except for here, because the post is now closed.

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9 thoughts on “RTT: Some Things Shiny

  1. I dutifully follow all road signs and stoplights. It’s sad, really. I need to be like an Aries, I think. I hope that your muse is all about the green lights. Love that idea. Happy roads ahead.


    1. Most of the time, the way you do it is the good thing to do. 🙂 Muse said thank you and that she came up with the green lights idea (I’ll let her think that).


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