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Snail’s mail

One of my favorite things about the Interwebs is that it connects me to people I’d probably never meet otherwise. Case in point: my writer friend Beaton from Zimbabwe. After meeting on each other’s blogs, and his amazement that I still send snail mail to people, we exchanged postcards. I sent one to him late in 2015 (it’s been so long, I don’t remember exactly when). He returned in kind, quickly.

Postcard DateSee, written on 30 December (and I love that his country is shaped somewhat like a teapot!)


Postcard Postmark
See? Postmarked 31 December.


The post office apparently went on vacation and took his postcard with it.

Sent where?
I bet the postman has a nice tan….

The spelling of BAHAMAS and USA are sooooooo close, I can easily see how they got confused…… …….

But FINALLY! On April 22 ~ APRIL 22!!!!!! ~ his postcard arrived!


An actual snail’s mail would have been faster. Hey, maybe that’s how it traveled? The post office has had budget troubles…

Thanks, Beaton, for a little glimpse of your country!


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