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RTT: Inventive

DSFRTT FroggieThey’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Inventive

Someone needs to invent:

  • An auto-refilling iced tea cup
  • Clothes that wash and fold themselves
  • A frying pan, coffee maker, and other appliances that automatically filter bad odors and make them smell like roses
  • Sheets that can be warm when it’s cold like today and switch without me having to change them to cool when it’s going to be 80 like the weekend.
  • A weather dome around the earth so I don’t have to be subjected to, what is it now, 7 days? of rain or just gloom and gray.
  • A technical doohickey that will identify the items on the pages of whatever library book I’m reading so I know if I need to put the HazMat™ gloves on.
  • An electrically-charged remote that shocks people when the TV is too loud.
  • Capsules that let you consume a TV show without having to watch ep after ep in a day-and-a-half bingefest after you discover House, M.D. because no one told you how awesome it was from 2004 until now! (though I see myself tiring of the premise after a few seasons of it…)
  • A capsule that lets you be Lenny Kravitz-cool easily and whenever you want… baby, it ain’t over til it’s ohhhhh-over….
  • An online radio channel that actually pays attention to the ‘thumbs down’ you keep clicking and STOPS PLAYING ANITA BAKER SONGS…. PANDORA!
  • A Dairy Queen Blizzard™ that’s actually a health food.
  • A technical doohickey to capture all the writing and other thoughts I have whilst I sleep, aiding in the writing process.
  • More hours in the day — for both writing and sleeping, two of my all-time favorite things.
  • More randomy thoughts, but the synapses have stopped firing…. zzzzt! zzzzzzzzzt!

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