#WeekendCoffeeShare: Snips and Quips

Weekend Coffee Share with Daisy Smiley FaceIf we were having coffee, I’d probably re-introduce myself. Hello. I’m Tara the tea drinker. It’s been a few weeks.

Change is tiring so I took about a week away from technology and writing as I continued to adjust to recent adjustments. I had me a three-day weekend last weekend. Of course, I paid for it by having to work today. It was soooo worth it, though. What did I do with my downtime? Lots of nothing, reading, some organizing of my little world (email inboxes, changing passwords online, etc.), and making some of my domestic spaces prettier.

I worked a Saturday a couple of weeks ago and on the way in, I told myself I was headed to Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062, going to detention with four kids I’d never met, and that I wasn’t defective for skipping school to go shopping. I figured by the end of the day, I’d have four new best friends and would walk through a football field and fist pump the air whilst singing Don’t You (Forget About Me). I also told myself spend too much time loving the 80s and that’s how I get through somewhat unpleasant things, like having to work on a Saturday.

If you’re confused, the above is all in reference to The Breakfast Club. Though I always considered myself an Allison, for some reason when I had to go to work that Saturday, I channeled Claire. At least I didn’t channel Bender.

What else did I do these past few weeks? Two things come to mind:

I went to a new book group. The book: Fahrenheit 451, which I had never read. I liked it, mostly because it’s a story of redemption (Montag really goes through a transformation). The group, however, focused more on how Ray Bradbury’s 1950s sci fi predicted things in the future, like big TVs that people watch incessantly. It was a fun time, though. I love book nerds!

I also lightened up, literally. You’ll remember — unless you’re new or Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, of course — that I posted a poll about what I should do with allllllllll my hair. Truth be told, I knew what I was doing when I posted the poll, but twas curious what others thought — Confirmation Bias! Anyway, as of the end of November, I officially called it a landslide for Keep it Alanis with 75 percent of the vote!

Whilst I love short hair on others, going k.d. lang wouldn’t work for me, methinks. She has a great face for that length (as does the person who voted for that cut). I’m not sure I do. And whilst I love super long hair, going Crystal Gayle became even more out of the question as the weeks went by. After my hair got caught in the car door in a wild wind, dipped into the toilet bowl as I reached past it to pick up a fallen floss pick (which by the way are NOT easy to get off the floor), and mocked me by getting caught in my butt crack in the shower (even with allllll that conditioner on it — you think that would make it slippy and prevent that), I decided that hair to my feet would eventually drive me mad.

When I got to the salon, the stylist asked me what I wanted and I told her to take it all off. I suffered my time in the chair (you may remember I hate the whole salon experience). I had to — I could tie my hair in a bow under my chin. It was too long. Boy, does my head feel lighter. You Oughta Know how good that feels (see what I did there? An Alanis song title?…… *groan*). The ironic thing — no Alanis pun intended — the stylist cut off 14 inches and I still have hair that falls below my shoulders. Some lovely person will now be able to have a wig and I no longer will have neck pain from carrying around all that weight on my head. And I won’t have to go back to the salon for a LONG time.

Speaking of a long time, I forgot how long it can take to adjust to major change. I thought I was more adjusted a few weeks ago and then I hit a wall of exhaustion. After last weekend, I’m really REALLY starting to feel more normal (good thing, too — I’m going to be losing an hour in a few short weeks. I hate Daylight Saving Time anyway, and having that lost hour whilst still feeling frazzled and time-constrained would have sucked). And it’s nice to actually feel like writing again.

It’s good to be back! To the rest of the weekend! Reading blogs, reading books, hanging out in my PJs, and doing nothing… As soon as I’m done working today…


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13 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Snips and Quips

  1. Since I remember all the things forecast in the fifties. Some have come true. Other have not. One I remember was we would all be eating vitamins capsule for meals. I dis like salons I remember the machine permanents with horror. It was great when the machine less permanents arrived in the stores.


  2. That’s a lot of hair! I remember well when I had about 14 inches cut off, and how much lighter I felt as a result. Now it’s short, but that’s because I’m lazy and it’s just easier. I’m not a fan of springing forward, either.


  3. I think it’s fun to change your hairstyle every so often. If you don’t like it, it’ll grow out or you can color it back to what you had before. Of course, I’m told I’m an artsy-fartsy person who can get away with such a laissez-faire attitude to style, so what do I know? Also, book nerds are fun people. Lucky you.


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