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RTT: Brief Epistles, Jan.21.16

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

spam-964521_640This week: Brief Epistles

(This shall be a third Thursday staple).

  • Dear Library:

I’m sorry I’ve had the books due today for 6 weeks and have only partly read one. My to-be-read stack is soooo big! I will get to them. If there aren’t holds, why can’t I renew indefinitely? Please?


She who will pay the fine and return the one book a day late after speed reading it today


  • Dear Netflix:

I haven’t watched the latest DVD you sent yet, but I will, and will return it before the upcoming date my next month begins. Gotta get my 2 movies for $4.99 money’s worth.

Cinematically yours,

She who watches movies every blue moon


  • Dear Universe:

You know at this point that I notice weird things. Every now and then this week, I still try to figure out the meaning of, on Sunday, having two young women named Ashley wait on me at the two different locations I visited that day.


The woman who also can’t stop singing “He… likes girls…. with names… like Ashley…”


  • Dear People Who Don’t Speak Movie:

That last signature references a movie. Anybody know which one?


The woman who’s faux movie boyfriend used to be John Cusack (HINT!)


  • Dear Free Time:

I haven’t forgotten you. Don’t you… forget about me. After this week, you and I will become best buds again. Just needed to do some things and after Friday, I’ll be back to a more regular schedule. I miss you!

With love,

She who’s working for the weekend this week in particular as she fulfills the needs of three gigs


  • Dear Bed:

You. Me. An extra long visit. Can’t wait.

Anticipationally yours,

Sleepy Me


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

6 thoughts on “RTT: Brief Epistles, Jan.21.16

  1. We have the same problem with Netflix. They’re getting their money’s worth out of us, pokey little movie watching puppies that we are.

    A friend has a daughter named Ashley and she says that it means something like “lives in a forest.” Therefore, I believe that the Universe is telling you to go camping. Because… that makes perfect sense considering how busy you are! 😉

    Love your RTT idea. Happy Thursday!


    1. I love the idea of going away, but camping? Oh, Universe. You know the woods and I do NOT get along! I’ll consider it, though. Maybe I’m just supposed to go for a walk in a really-full-of-trees park. 🙂

      Glad you like RTT. I was thinking of making it a linkup thingy. Hmmm.

      Happy day!


  2. I’m wondering if we might actually be the same Tara. I love/d John Cusak (the film was Say Anything, I think), although more generally those 1980s teen films (Ferris remains my fav). I hope you get some free time soon 🙂


    1. Ding ding! WINNER! It was indeed Say Anything. Perhaps we are the same person, just I’m the U.S. version. 🙂 Thanks! Free time and I will meet again, hopefully more next weekend. This weekend means shoveling over a foot of snow. BOOOOOO!


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