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Drama with a side of Bacon

Movie Monday: Did You See and Agree?

It’s Monday! I saw a movie! Let’s discuss.

Cop Car movie posterCop Car

Mmmm, Bacon. That’s Kevin Bacon. Yes, I enjoy America’s favorite pork product, but I love the actor more. Kevin is and has been for a long time on my “Oh, he/she is in that? I’ll totes watch!” list of performers (also including Patrick Stewart and Drew Barrymore, among others).

The story: two boys who run away from home stumble upon an empty cop car in a field. They find the keys inside and decide to take it for a spin. Meanwhile, Kevin Bacon’s Sheriff returns from doing dastardly deeds to discover his cruiser missing. Chaos ensues: the boys can’t drive well, play with all the guns and gear in the car, and come upon a stranger they trust and shouldn’t; a woman passing by reminds viewers that no good deed goes unpunished; and Sheriff Bacon (as I called him whilst watching) struggles to balance two lives and to get his damn car back.

The good: The beginning is the stuff of genius. We find out quickly who the boys are, how they feel about taking risks, and who will come through in a tight spot, all by how they interact with each other in the first 15 minutes. The way the boys find the car and then we seamlessly go back in time to discover how the car got there in the first place and meet the Sheriff is so well done. The revelations about who the Sheriff really is surprise as well. One of the best things about that especially — so much was done with little to no dialogue. It’s mostly showing, not telling, and that was compelling (wasn’t aiming to rhyme there). Also, Kevin Bacon’s range is awesome — Sheriff Bacon is creepy in the best possible way.

The not-as-good: At an hour and a half, it’s not a long movie, but I skimmed through about 15 minutes near the end. An interaction the boys have (not with Sheriff Bacon) goes on too long. The ending also is not as well-presented, tidy, and gripping as the beginning.

I’ll give it two stars out of four. Let’s just say it was a bit undercooked, but even not perfectly cooked bacon’s still good, eh?

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