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Random Thoughts Thursday: Favorite Things

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This Week: Favorite Things

In honor of next Thursday being Thanksgiving here in ‘Murica, let’s look at some (mostly) silly things of life that are My Favorite Things, for which I’m grateful:

As listed in my latest newsletter (that’s right, subscribers’ heads were filled with this fascinating info a good two weeks before you!):

  • making up words
  • real words that sound made up, like williwaw
  • dollar store reading glasses (clearer vision for A DOLLAR!)
  • self-checkout at the library ~ beep… beep… BOOKS!
  • Burger King kids’ meals
  • owls
  • SNOW!
  • the first night on fresh, clean sheets.


  • Jeopardy!
  • Pandora’s skipping function
  • Brand new pencil erasers
  • When the layers for my layer cake come out even/level
  • Chocolate jimmies
  • Starbucks Black Iced Tea
  • Getting and sending mail
  • When the ponytail elastic with the weakened, stretched-out part holds on for one more twirl (three times ’round!)
  • That ‘holds on’ made me think of Jamie Walters and that song from the 90s (did you know he’s a fireman now?)
  • Ladybugs and butterflies
  • The spiders in my house/on my car, all named Herman
  • Full service gas stations
  • Drives by the river or to the ocean
  • Toll-free roads
  • Autumn (see two pics I had in an exhibit in my other life here)
  • Winter (there will be MANY photos when there is snow. You’ve been warned.)
  • That I am the type of person who sings along with the music in the grocery store, makes screeching tires noises when I go around a curve (even at 10mph), and when I saw new carts at Target a few years ago, I almost jumped out of my skin. “NEW CARTS! COOL!”
  • Making people smile. You are, aren’t you? C’mon. I know you are.

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I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

14 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday: Favorite Things

  1. This is the most wonderful of wonderful random list I’ve read in ages. You nailed random, my dear.

    Gotta ask because I just heard this yesterday: when you ordered your Starbucks Black Iced Tea did you get it “old fashion style”? Apparently one must order it that way if you do not want water or sweetner added to it? All of this was news to me… which probably confirms how out-of-touch I am– or that I never get iced tea at Starbucks! Just curious.


    1. Thank you, Ally! That’s nice to hear. I will add that to my resume as well. *Nailed Random*

      I haven’t heard of that way to order tea at the ‘Bucks. I just tell them outright what I want: Iced Venti Black Tea, with light water. I wait for them to ask if I want it sweetened, then I say “yep.”

      AND don’t tell them, but I usually only get one at the store every couple weeks or so. They sell the tea bags online and the Classic syrup as well. I make it at home! And I make it WAY better than they do. Steeeeeeeeep. They never steep it enough for my taste. 🙂


      1. Interesting. I heard a woman talking about how she’d been corrected by the Starbucks employee and told that she needed to order her Iced Tea “old fashion style.” All I could think is that I’m so glad I just get a tall [one word to say] latte when I go in there– easy for everyone involved.


        1. Sheesh. I wonder where that was. Back in the day, I was a barista. I never corrected people if they said small, not tall, etc. The only people I didn’t like were those who asked for half a Splenda. Wait! Let me count the grains to get that EXACT for you. ha.


    1. Yes, ma’am! The cesspool that is New Jersey insists on pumping. I live close enough that I cross a bridge, let them fill it, save like 20 cents a gallon, and drive on! I do believe there are a few states besides that, that still insist on full serve. Not many, though.


  2. hahahahaha love this
    and had The sound of music sound track playing in my head as I read this cause it pops into my head every-time someone mentions my favourite things.

    ah the real words that sound made up ^_^

    one of my favorite things hasnt been invented yet being able to download things from the internet beep beep an ice cold beverage cheers arent you glad its Friday whoop whoop.

    ah to sleep on fresh sheets, thats sweet dreams right there.

    I bake sometimes and I really really like it when the cake does not flop and it comes out even all round ^_^

    what do you mean by mail, if you mean handwritten sentiments of the posted variety aaaaaawe i miss that


    Have a grand thanksgiving weekend




    1. Yep. Being able to share things like cake through the Internet or some sort of transporter would be nice, eh?

      Me, too! I LOVE when my cakes come out even. It’s rare. They’re usually slanted one way or the other! I blame the pan.

      Mail, yep. Snail mail. Letters. I love those!

      Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


            1. hahahaha? Oh no, Beaton! Email me your address at heytaraparay at gmail dot com and I’ll totes send you something! I do hope you’d send a note back, too. 🙂


            2. yey just baked a cake it came out fairly even yey
              I feel like saying I dont bake cakes I make art ^_^ totes
              ok lemme send you a (whats the opposite of snail mail?)


            3. Cake art. I like it. I’m going to bake a cake tomorrow, mostly to try out a new mixer I have. It has rainbow sprinkles in the cake mix and the icing!

              Got your electronic communication (I think that’s the opposite of snail mail…).


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