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This week: Mermaids, Motivation, and Maladies

* I bought an iced tea at Starbucks and thought someone had sprayed whipped cream nearby and it splattered on my cup.

* It’s snow around the mermaid thingy… discovered after I tried to wipe it off.

* I saw some cold cups online that have snowflakes. If mine did, I wouldn’t have tried to wipe them off.

* It looks a little like foam that stuck to the glass above as I drank my delicious tea down to the very last drop. See?

Starbucks Iced Tea Cup

* Why don’t they just put a Santa hat on the mermaid?

* (Ignoring ridiculous red cup controversy.)

* If you ever need motivation to work out or at the very least catch up on your eyebrow plucking, accidentally turn on your laptop camera. I’ve seen myself in funhouse mirrors that didn’t make me look that bad.

* Does this laptop make me look fat?

* Can someone follow me around with just the exact amount and color of light, by the way? That would help immensely.

* Yellow-ish light bulbs suck. See Starbucks cup photo taken in my office space: that’s not the tea giving off a yellow glow.

* In the laptop cam, I looked like I have jaundice.

* Hey! Can I take a sick day?

* Wait, I work for myself. Well, at least my boss will let me off easy.

To the weekend!

13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday: Mermaids, Motivation, and Maladies

  1. sourgirlohio says:

    Ha. I would have tried to wipe it off, too. Or scratch it off with my nail.


    1. Tara says:

      It still haunts me. Every time I glance at the drink or it catches my eye, I’m all “why are there soda foam thingys in my tea cup?” #DesignFail


  2. Ally Bean says:

    I like your idea of the Santa hat on the mermaid. Suppose that’d make those red cup crazies happy?


    1. Tara says:

      Thanks, Ally. Maybe I’ll submit to My Starbucks Idea! Of course, I have others. For instance, would it be wrong to have Baby Jesus holding a kids’ hot chocolate? 😉


      1. Ally Bean says:

        No, it wouldn’t be wrong at all. Go for it!


  3. Beaton says:

    a santa hat, hey even the vlc media player on my laptop has a santa hat on thats how I know its christmas… ooooh has Mariah Carey done a Christmas album yet lol


    1. Tara says:

      The santa hat will be needed to let me know this year since the weather isn’t getting cold as it usually does here.



      1. Beaton says:

        Global warming its definitely hotter than it should be for summer (here) and its not raining it should be raining, I miss rain


      2. Tara says:

        I’m sorry. Yeah, rain can be awesome, but when it’s needed, even more so. Sending rain thoughts your way…..


      3. Beaton says:

        I think its working, a distant flash of lightning just lit up the night sky ^_^


      4. Tara says:

        Just another of my magic powers. 🙂 I’ll keep it up!


      5. Beaton says:

        it rained all night long… its raining right now and I need a shower cap for my hair and wellingtons for my feet… I dont need a raincoat or umbrella cause am dancing in the rain.


      6. Tara says:

        Puddle-jumping is one of my favorite things. Enjoy!


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