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Random Thoughts Thursday: Hair (Not the Musical)

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Hair (Not the Musical)

  • I can tie it in a bow under my neck.
  • What do you mean why would anyone want to do that? Because they can!
  • I can tie it in a knot in the back of my head and still have several inches of ponytail hanging out of it.
  • Convenient since the ponytail holders go missing consistently, no matter how many I buy — soon, there’s only one and that one is holding itself togther by a thread.
  • I can wear it up or down, half and half — basically anything I can think of, I can coiff.
  • I love braids.
  • I hate the arm pain of having to dangle them in the air so long to braid such great lengths.
  • I’m the laziest hairstyler ever — I hate the tools, the curlers, the straighteners, and all the gooey products… *sigh*.
  • My hair frequently flies around and smacks me in the face if I bend over and it’s not tied down.
  • On a windy day, I try to channel my inner Beyoncé and act like I mean to look like I’m walking with giant fans ahead, blowing in my direction.
  • Mostly, I walk and it covers my face and I can’t see where I’m going, though.
  • There are enough fallen hairs on the floors, despite vacuuming, picking up, and sweeping to make enough wigs for Donald Trump for years.
  • Yes, I know that’s his hair, but that makes me wonder why people with money can buy better ‘dos.
  • Considering how many hairs I find all over, I’m surprised I’m not bald yet. Just how and when do they allllllll fall out?
  • Strangers have told me my hair is pretty. Awww.
  • Strangers have asked to touch it. Ewww.
  • It’s a built-in neck warmer: a plus during the cold months, torture during summer.
  • It’s a great place to hide, or so my psyche thinks. Tis not an invisibility cloak, I’m afraid. Nice try.
  • It’s a bunch of dead protein, worth all the rigamarole, eh?
  • I’m totes twirling a strand whilst thinking of what I want to write next…. so there’s that.
  • A few strands came out wrapped around my fingers. Note to self: don’t do that.
  • It’s been a great ally and an evil nemesis… I’ve had more good hair days than not, despite what this photo shows.



Have a great hair day, nay, weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday: Hair (Not the Musical)

  1. Ok, let’s start by saying your picture is adorable! I totally understand the wind thing, not wearing a ponytail in the car can be just downright dangerous when it’s windy. And I’ve been finding ways to hide behind my hair my whole life.

    I haven’t had super long hair in years. My daughter donated 12 inches when she was 9 and I seem to miss her hair more than she does. Long hair is beautiful. And difficult;)


    1. Why, thank you, Sarah. It’s my perm-y ‘fro period. Personally, I love the pins. If you could see the shirt, it’s black with gigantic music notes on it. Ah, the 80s.

      The ponytail has even become dangerous AND I’ve snapped not one, not two, not three, but FOUR ponytail holders — brand new — trying to go around that third time, which we all know is totally necessary.

      Some of these locks are coming off. I think there were a couple weeks where I was all, “Oh, it’s so long! And awesome!” That tide is turning………..


    1. Mine has become, “If I bend over about a third of the way to reach the bathroom trash can, does my hair dangle near/in the toilet seat?” It does. It’s too long. Some of it is coming off and SOON. 🙂


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