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Random Thoughts Thursday: Things I Want to Know

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Things I Want to Know
(For those keeping score at home, last week was Things I Don’t Understand. The week before: Things I Can’t Believe… It’s a trend!)

  • The Way to San Jose.
  • Why chocolate chip cookies taste soooo good (want one? *squeezes cookie through the computer*
  • Why my day is always more awesome if I make the bed — is it tidy and organized, i.e., a good way to start my day? Or knowing that it’s all ready, just waiting for me to collapse into it, that makes the day go smoothly?
  • Why people don’t read allllll of the email… Still (this is a long-time pet peeve of mine). I’ve gotten to where I send Tarzan-like messages…. this due then? Let me know? … people still only read the first word, reply, and hit send.
  • is the fact that I can type, remove text, reorganize text, et. al., with a cookie in one hand a learned skill or was I born with it?
  • why I keep watching The Judge when it comes on HBO? I liked it (<— as revealed in my infrequent Movie Monday series), but not THAT much.
  • why does my hair start to behave as I contemplate cutting it all off?
  • why this entire week has been: *looks at computer clock* It can NOT be that time already……
  • why all my bloggy friends can’t come over RIGHT THIS SECOND and enjoy a snack with me, i.e., why hasn’t anyone invented a transporter yet?

Live long and prosper, friends.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday: Things I Want to Know

  1. HAHA! I loved everything about this post.. Okay let’s see in response to the randomness:
    1. Maybe a map would be handy for San Jose.
    2.Why, thank you for their cookie!! #neededthat
    3. It’s the uncluttered room, uncluttered mins thing. 😉
    4. Dude!?!? I’m sayin… It’s ba-nanaze that ppl don’t read it. I say just send a blank email since they won’t read it anyway. Lol.
    5. I’m guessing born with it.. #high-five
    6. Simple. Because it was good and who doesn’t like a drama.
    7. Because it’s getting cooler outside and it knows you should wait. It wants to keep your neck warm and all.
    8. Yep. It’s that time.
    9. I know a guy who knows a guy… I’ll have him get right on that transporter.

    Was that too much? Oh well I had fun anyway. 🙂


    1. THAT may be the best comment EVER! I especially like #5. *high-five* And I didn’t know my hair has a lobbyist. Good thoughts there! 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on my thoughts, and phew! Now I don’t have to think about all this anymore. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be visiting your site this weekend!


  2. That’s a Dionne Warwick song, right?

    I just hacked off four inches, but it’s still at my shoulders. Much faster to blow dry.

    I can’t come over too quickly, but I believe you are only 1 state over….

    Good luck with solving these life mysteries:)


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