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Random Thoughts Thursday: Things I Don’t Understand

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Things I Don’t Understand
(For those keeping score at home, last week was Things I Can’t Believe… Apparently, a trend’s emerging this month as far as RTT is concerned…)

    Most Interesting Man in the World Meme - Pandora! STOP!

  • Why, WHY, for the love of all things good, Pandora keeps offering me every Sade song in her catalog. (Hint: If I keep hitting “thumbs down,” STOP PLAYING THAT ARTIST. See also: Anita Baker and Josh Groban.)
  • Oh, and just because I liked the one Sarah MacLachlan song doesn’t mean I want to hear every single MacLachlan song ever written. Give me other Canadians! Or at least put more songs between Sarah Selections.


  • How dust can accummulate so quickly (or how so much time can evaporate between dustings?).
  • How the white hair now more than two feet long like the rest of my brownish red hair escaped my view for so long.
  • Why the eyebrow I plucked by accident once never grew back, but the teeny hair that likes to pop out from my chin always returns no matter how many times I rip it out.
  • If I know that Jeopardy likes to feature mythology and U.S. presidents numbers 20-25 or so and the countries of Africa, why I haven’t studied the parts of those I don’t yet have down pat.
  • Why I can’t leave the library with just the one book I had on hold.
  • Why some peeps on Twitter want you to RT their tweets, but never RT others.
  • Why it takes some people so long to choose their meal at Chick-fil-A — they only make chicken so how hard can it be to figure out how you want it?
  • Why posts have to end… parting is such sweet sorrow….

Happy weekend!


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