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America! America! I laze these days for thee….

The lazy, hazy days of Summer are upon us! And for the first time in forever, I am hazily lazy-ing. It’s a holiday week here in the ol’ U.S. of A! July 4th is but a few days away. It’s a good reason to do nothing, eh?

I have an extremely light work week, designed by moi. But more importantly, the news has actually made it to and sunk into my brain. For instance, I woke up Monday morning and didn’t think immediately of all the things I have to do this week. With nothing on my agenda for that day, again, designed that way by moi, I decided that’s exactly what I was going to do. Nothing.

I did check my email and read it, even my work email. Did I answer any of the work email? No. It was a day off. That’s for today (and only today — working only one day this week).

What did I do instead?

I organized the stack of books I’m reading this week: Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel; The History of the Future by James Howard Kunstler; three books by Susanna Kaysen; and I left room for the 4 I placed on hold at the library over the weekend. They’re sure to be in this week.

I also spent time on Twitter discussing very important things, like the fact that True Detective is boring me to tears this season, and that these characters are flawed (like last year) but unlikable (unlike last year). I know I can’t compare this year’s oranges to last year’s apples, and I don’t think I am truly. This story, on its own, has been done a MILLION times. And the dialogue leaves a lot to be desired.

After watching episode 2 on Sunday night, I tweeted the following, which seemed to strike a chord with peeps:


The convos continued into Monday. I must say that tweety fun was way better than watching either episode 1 or 2 of TD.

But I digress. Back to the point!

After doing my work today, I will spend the rest of the week reading, taking fun drives and walks in nature, writing my own creative works, and doing a wee bit of laundry later in the week. In honor of Independence Day, I shall separate my loads into reds, whites, and blues.

After today, I’m spending little time on technology so I won’t be blogging on Thursday. I know! Boo! Hiss! But it’s OK, bloggy readers. I’ll be back next week, all ready to go after being soooooo relaxed for most of this week.

SO! Happy Summer, peeps (at least those in the Northern Hemisphere). And Happy Birthday, America! This year, you turn 239! You don’t look a day over 238!

Here, a patriotic video in honor of this historic and fun celebration!

(if you’re a subscriber and can’t see the video in your email — the Chimp has been glitchy lately — click the post’s title to go to the site to see it. You won’t be sorry. Do it for AMERICA!)


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