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RTT: Magic 8 is great

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

This week: Magic 8 is great

  • Tropical Storm Bill is now depressed. He’s downgraded to a depression and is hovering over Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Maybe he’ll feel better as he boots, scoots, and boogies up to the north and east toward the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic.
  • The meteorologists didn’t reveal the exact words of their high-tech prediction tool, most likely a Magic 8 ball, but they think he’ll be in my region on Sunday.
  • Will I change any plans based on that forecast?
  • *shake shake shake* Not Likely

magic 8 ball

  • Did you know there are several Magic 8 Ball’s online, like this one?
  • I asked if a lot of people will read my blog: As I see it, yes. YAY! Happy face!
  • Will I become a famous published author? Most likely. Score!
  • One more: Is the person reading this post the most awesome person ever? My sources say no.
  • *shake shake shake* *click click* Ahem! Yes, definitely. That’s better.
  • Good thing I asked again. Perhaps it was the way I phrased the question.
  • Speaking of interrogatives, I fear my spine and body are curving into a question mark from hunching over my laptop in my bed.
  • Do parents tell kids these days if they sit like that too long, they’ll stay that way forever?
  • I think this one might actually be true.
  • Let me get some scissors and go for a run, then get back to you about that.
  • The run will commence after I stretch out, then after the pain in my back subsides and allows me to stand upright fully.
  • Eh, I’ll just stay in this position for now… and possibly until True Detective starts again on Sunday. *moody then smiley somewhat hunched over happy dance*
  • If you follow me on any form of social media, you know I am obsessed with this show.
  • Can season two’s crime story top the bromance of season one?
  • *shake shake* Yes, definitely. Phew! Now, I don’t have to worry about watching and being disappointed.
  • I do still have to worry about sitting too close to the TV, though, right?


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

2 thoughts on “RTT: Magic 8 is great

    1. Thanks! Stop by any time. You’re always a welcome addition. 🙂 Reading and having quiet time this weekend. Hope you have a good one planned, too.


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