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Leonard Nimoy, beamed to the final frontier

spockI *heart* Spock. He’s tied with Captain Picard and Data for my favorite Star Trek characters of all-time.

Even knowing that the stars of the original Star Trek series are getting older, I was still surprised and saddened by Leonard Nimoy’s death at the age of 83 on Friday, February 27.

I loved him in the Star Trek movies, which my dad took me to. My favorite is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The crew goes back in time from the 23rd century to the 20th. Spock’s pointy ears make him stand out, so they cover them with part of his robe, in a headband-like fashion. He also tries to fit in by using the “vernacular of the times.” This is a scene in which he tries to use the word “hell” correctly to fit in:

And I loved when he showed up on Star Trek: The Next Generation, to which I became addicted in the early 1990s. My favorite episode is a two-parter called “Unification.” Ambassador Spock, a Vulcan, tries to help some Romulans, cousins to Vulcans, reunite their two peoples. I love his calm delivery that yet somehow expresses deep emotion.

And I love, love, LOVED when he appeared in the reboot of the Star Trek franchise a few years ago.

Put aside logic. Do what feels right.

Thanks, Mr. Nimoy, for the awesomeness of Spock. Live long and prosper.


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