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Gratitude today keeps the grumpies away

So far, so good. It’s 2015. I haven’t written 2014 once and I still am excited about the Things I’ll Do This Year. No matter what happens, I shall remain undaunted!

Of course, things happen, just when you think you’ve got a handle on everything. Like those pesky dashboard lights that come on and scare the hell out of you while you’re driving. I really don’t need to be alerted to anything and everything my car is thinking. Yes, I know my tires are low on air, but thanks for the heart attack on I-95 letting me know that you know, too, Car.

Then, of course, there’s the fun of returning to regular routines after time away. After almost 16 days of not logging into emails, not logging into other computers to do work, and not doing work, it took a bit of time Monday to remember how I do what I do. Oh, right, I’m supposed to find all the errors in that document and fix them. Mm hmm, I’m supposed to string words together into sentences that make sense. Good thing my passwords are written down, though. There’s no way I’d remember them after this long. I can’t remember them from one hour to the next due to the massive number I need to have (thanks a lot, computers/websites, etc.) and the fact that none want the same thing (caps, no caps, symbols, no symbols, 6, 8, 10 characters…).

I could have a really sucky attitude about such things, but I don’t. And I tend to stay smiley even when things go wrong (or I get back to smiley a lot quicker than most). It’s all about perspective, see. It takes a lot to turn my smile upsidedown. I’m grateful for that.

Speaking of gratefulness, I’m also grateful for the #30DayGratitudeChallenge by @The_KarmaCafe, yes, on The Twitter. It’s Day 6, and I haven’t missed a day. I won’t either: (A) I love The Twitter; and (B) I love this challenge, because it’s cool and also because it’s easy for me! I’ve practiced for a long time and it pays off, people. I know the Grumpies don’t believe, but it’s true.

So far, the challenge asked for someone you love; something you love; clouds/Mother Nature; changes to come; and something inspirational. Today’s “challenge” is celebration.

Well, let’s see: I’ll celebrate the fact that I’ve not written 2014; that the light on my dash came on, but the car place is fitting me today so I’ll know if all is well sooner rather than later; and that I have work to do, even if I struggle to use the equipment (and my brain) to get it done (this is why people use ‘password’ as a password).

I’ll also celebrate the Tweeps (that’s Twitter + people = Tweeps) who are gratituding (yes, that is totes a word — I say so!) along with me. Oh, and I’ll celebrate the fact that it may kind of snow today. Whee!

On rare days, I’ll admit, I have to really look for the thing to be celebrated, but today is not that day. So I’ll celebrate that, too.

All this celebration calls for a party. Perhaps some ice cream as a treat later, after the car hospital takes care of my baby. Then I’ll celebrate her being all better, too.

See? One happy and/or grateful thought just leads to another. I could do this all day. 🙂


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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