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Make It So

My mind is a steel trap with dates, addresses, phone numbers. So of course I remember that on December 10, 1994, I sat in a darkened movie theater to see the first of the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies with my first serious boyfriend. My love of Captain Picard never waned, though my love dissipated for my movie companion, the young man who grew into a tea-party person (which, seriously, dude, if you told me your views on some things early on, we could have saved so much time by not dating at all…).

But let’s remember the happiness, shall we? Picard. And his awesome captain-ing of that newest version of the Starship Enterprise.

In honor of that, and of his ability to still make me swoon these decades later, I give you the Picard giggles to end all giggles (complete with Picard facepalms and smiles… oh, what a handsome Captain you are……)

Watch and enjoy (possible even if you’re not a Trek fan):


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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