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Tara’s Take on Thanksgiving: Part Quatre of Quatre*

*Pardon my French, literally. Correctly, it should read la quatrième partie de quatre. The FrAmerican in the title says “part four of four.” Close enough.


The denouement of my four-part Tara’s Take on Thanksgiving is here. It’s amazing how fast time goes, yes?

For that reason, I’m grateful that I literally stop to smell the roses. I take the time to enjoy the world around me, the moments of awesomeness that arise. I try to take advantage of opportunities that come up.

I also have taken time each day to note what I am grateful for, even on the days that didn’t go as planned, so well, or were a struggle to get through. There’s always something good in the bad, if you look for it.

I’m grateful that somehow I learned to see things from all sides. Even if I fail to see everything or struggle to see another perspective, that’s OK. Attempting and failing is better than never attempting at all.

That’s true, too, for being a bit daring and trying new things. I’m open to attempting new things, tasting new foods, etc. (for the most part ~ I won’t eat brains or other fun things like that).

One of the most amazing things I’m open to ~ and it has rewarded me almost every time ~ is people. I’m grateful that I see the world as a good place where bad things sometimes happen and not the other way around.

I’m grateful for true connection, even if it’s small:

  • Like the teeny karate kid I held the door open for at the bookstore. He said a high-pitched “Thank you.” His father, not far behind, didn’t hear him and said, “Say thank you.” I said, “He did.” The dad smiled wide.
  • Like the guy at the BP station that was closed for renovations for a year. He always had a story or at the very least a smile when I pulled in for a fill-up. I didn’t think he knew me. I mean, how many cars does he see in a week? And I’m not there every week. Still, after 365 days of not seeing me, I pulled in and he said, “It’s so good to see you again. How have you been? I’m glad you came back.”
  • Little arms outstretched asking for a pick-me-up hug.
  • Little ones playing peek-a-boo with Grover and me or singing “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” quietly while everyone else is being loud in the other room.
  • A nod, a smile, a simple acknowledgment of someone else’s humanity.

I’m grateful that in spite of any challenges that come up, any obstacles in my path, any tragedy that may strike, I still believe, I still laugh, I still see the positive, I’m still happy to be alive.

This Thanksgiving, the thing I’m most grateful for is authentically being me.

Happy Thanksgiving, peeps.
May your world always be filled with peace, light, and love.


As I said I would in the latest issue of Tara’s Take, each Tuesday until we stuff ourselves silly as a nation, I’m writing about Thanksgiving and what I’m grateful for. In the four posts before the holiday, I’m exploring the little things that make life as fun as it can be. I’m all about that, along with tiny moments, connection, silliness, fun, and joy.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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