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Tara’s Take on Thanksgiving: Part Trois of Quatre*

*Pardon my French, literally. Correctly, it should read la troisième partie de quatre. The FrAmerican in the title says “part three of four.” Close enough.


I love words so much, they get their own post. I grew up with books and magazines in my hands so often, I thought my fingers were made of paper (no, not really… it’s a metaphor, just one of the zillions of amazing devices you can use with words!). I jumped for joy when the Scholastic and Troll Book Club boxes arrived at my classroom doors. I wrote endlessly whilst pretending to listen to my religion teachers in high school. I love words so much, I studied them in college and chose a career where I use them all the time.

Words let me say what I want to say, can’t say, wish I had said, or didn’t know I would say. Sitting down to write means entering a zone where time and space don’t exist, where thoughts I may not be fully aware I was thinking come out. They start someplace I’m not quite sure of, work their way through my subconscious then my brain eventually emerging from my fingertips onto the keys to the screen. The fact that they start to want to come out while I’m driving or in the shower with no writing implement nearby ~ a minor inconvenience considering the power and the gift that words are for me.

Words celebrate life. Words mourn and grieve. Words make me laugh (and I strive to make others laugh, too). Words process and understand. Words show me what I might want to tuck away and keep hidden. Words shine a light. Words reveal truths.

Words take me to worlds I may never see or that don’t really exist. Words move, inspire, encourage, engage, uplift, reassure, express, and delight.

Creative writing, letters, journals, scribbles on Hello Kitty notepaper. Art, connection, introspection, silliness.

Squiggly marks on paper that form words that form sentences to make paragraphs that turn into essays, stories, novels, plays, and even memories.

The most powerful thing on Earth: the power to move, to feel, to create.

With words, through words, I am magic. I am visible. I am awakened. I am alive.


As I said I would in the latest issue of Tara’s Take, each Tuesday until we stuff ourselves silly as a nation, I’m writing about Thanksgiving and what I’m grateful for. In the four posts before the holiday, I’m exploring the little things that make life as fun as it can be. I’m all about that, along with tiny moments, connection, silliness, fun, and joy.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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