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Random Thoughts Thursday: Reindeer Games

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

  • Today was officially The First Day It Was Too Cold to Get Out of Bed on the First Try. 
  • Being rainy doesn’t help ~ is there a gene that makes you want to keep sleeping when it’s gray and gloomy out?
  • No matter the weather, it’s bright and glow-y in Washington, D.C., today ~ it’s the official release day of the cutest stamp in history:


  • My favorite character of my favorite Christmas story on one of my favorite things ~ a stamp ~ to go on another of my favorite things ~ snail mail!
  • I’m shouting out with glee!
  • There are also stamps with Santa, Bumble (he’s just misunderstood, really), and Hermey with Rudolph (misfit friends). Awwww.
  • I have many things Rudolph, including a Christmas village, with Santa’s Workshop, Mr. & Mrs. Claus’ house, and Reindeer Flight Camp (complete with a red and green lighted runway).
  • Yes, I know what month it is.
  • Yes, I know there is a holiday before Rudolph’s.
  • Turkeys are ugly and, in my opinion, not tasty.
  • Rudolph is adorable (and I would never eat deer meat).
  • Thanksgiving just needs some catchy tunes and a cuter mascot.
  • And no, I’m not a bargain shopper waiting for Black Friday deals.
  • I just like red and green, carols, snow, cheer, and all that good stuff a lot more than stuffing and pie (though I like those, too).
  • If you are in my vicinity, you may hear me singing holiday tunes already.


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