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Tara’s Take on Thanksgiving: Part Un of Quatre*

*Pardon my French, literally. Correctly, it should read La première partie de quatre. That was too long for a headline, though. That FrAmerican in the title says “part one of four.” Close enough.

As I said I would in the latest issue of Tara’s Take, starting today, and continuing each Tuesday until we stuff ourselves silly as a nation, I will write about Thanksgiving and what I’m grateful for. In the four posts before the holiday, I’ll explore the little things that make life as fun as it can be. I’m all about that, along with tiny moments, connection, silliness, fun, and joy.


In this first installment, I shall focus on entertainment and other fun things for which I’m grateful, some of the silly/little things that make life fun.

I’m not usually a network TV watcher, but How to Get Away with Murder caught my eye one night because the woman who played Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls is in it. This isn’t Stars Hollow, though. And I am hooked. I watched the first few eps on demand to catch up. Now, every Thursday, I sit in my jammies and wait to see how many times I say, “WHAT?” or “No Way!” as I watch. It’s junk food for my brain that actually makes me think a little. Plus, I love a good mystery. I’m grateful there are only 2 eps until we find out whodunit, though.

Other fun and entertaining things I’m grateful for:

  • Twix. Chocolate + cookie + caramel = heaven.
  • Pinterest, which I never thought I’d say. Lots o’ fun crafty things and tasty recipes. I haven’t been sucked into the pinning vortex never to return, as some have, so it’s all good.
  • WordPress. I love playing with my sites and tweaking bits here and there. I’m still discovering new and fun things it can do… like my Pictures page! I love discovering! and learning!
  • Hello Kitty. She turns 40 this year! Doesn’t look a day over 39. She’s a fun lil’ reminder of that childlike creative part of me (that Writer Me needs to rely on). And adorbs!
  • HBO for bringing me True Detective and for enabling me to watch Argo a million times. Time is a flat circle in that regard — how can I keep watching a movie I’ve seen so many times and still feel tension towards the ending I know is coming?
  • Jimmy Fallon. No explanation needed.
  • Tuna the Dog. Again, no explanation needed.
  • The USA Today online crossword puzzle.
  • Music/Muzak at the supermarket (I sing along).
  • The fact that Law And Order is on, like, 8 times a day on at least one channel in the lineup. Lenny Briscoe forever!
  • Acrylic paint, which I discovered this year (doing a project I found on Pinterest). Makes me want to paint more!
  • Songs o’ the 70s that are the greatest pick-me-up ever: YMCA, I Will Survive, My Sharona.
  • Theater. Any and all kinds. There’s nothing like live theater.
  • @midnight. I laugh in spite at myself at that stupid show, often.
  • The USPS, especially for the soon-to-be-released Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stamps.
  • Rudolph, my all-time favorite Christmas story. And adorbs! The TV version of that is 50 this year! Doesn’t look a day over 49 (it’s my running joke… just go with it).
  • Postcrossing, which has brought me cards from around the globe that probably crossed paths with the ones I sent… hence the name, right? Postcrossing!
  • And Twitter, where I’ve enjoyed some great conversations, in short bursts, with people all around the world — including in Spanish! — and met some people who’ve actually become friends. Twitter, to me, puts the social in Social Media.

Just a few entertaining things to get my rebooted annual Tara’s Take on Thanksgiving off to a fun start. What will I be grateful for next Tuesday and the following Tuesday and the Tuesday after that? The themes will change from week to week, but there will always be smiles. That’s the main goal here at Daisy Smiley Face. After all, it’s my happy place.

So visit next Tuesday to find out! Same Tara Time! Same Tara Channel!


I’d love to hear some of the entertaining things you’re grateful for and also your comments on this list. Anything ring true with you, too?


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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