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Random Thoughts Thursday: Candy Girl

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

  • Tomorrow is Halloween, national eat your kids’ candy day for parents; national gorge on chocolate and anything else made of sugar for everyone else.
  • I think every day is eat candy day, but I’ll dress up if necessary.
  • My costume will be a writer working at home in her PJs, a real stretch, eh?
  • I will get myself a Twix for that.
  • I am forever addicted to Twix, but I have broken other addictions.
  • For instance, I did NOT watch True Tori this week.
  • I watched the first season, and the first ep of this season, but totally forgot about it after that.
  • Apparently, the organ in my head has had enough brain candy.
  • I’ve spent much of this week out and about enjoying Autumn’s lovely colors ~ nature’s eye candy.
  • Tuesday was 76 degrees and Saturday is supposed to be 48.
  • Mother Nature’s menopausal, clearly. Perhaps she needs more chocolate. (Note: chocolate helps everything.)
  • In case she keeps the temp-pendulum swinging, I’ll just wear a sweater with no sleeves, to be ready for anything.
  • Some people are ready for an influx of Frozen characters for trick or treating ~ I saw a drinking game on Facebook where people will take a drink every time a Frozen character comes to the door.
  • Estimated time to drunkeness: Less than 10 minutes.
  • Some people complain about that flick ~ I just tell them to let it go… let it go…
  • Sorry.
  • This is my idea of holiday fun: my scary witch pumpkin:


  • BOO! Hello Kitty and I wish you a Happy Halloween!


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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