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Carpe Autumn

I do what I have to do and then I’m out… outside with my camera. So many nice days — not too warm, not too chilly. A wee bit windy, so I can have the car windows down and the wind blows through, tossing my hair all around. With all that air in my hair, I know now what it feels like to be Beyonce.

This week and next are the peak for the leaves changing colors ’round these parts so today, a photo post! Next week: ditto. It’s like everybody’s pics at the pumpkin patch this time of year, you know, minus the pumpkins and the kids.

My favorite weather event is snow, but I do declare, my favorite season is Autumn. I’m wearing long sleeves, but I don’t need a coat yet. The colors of the trees change overnight and the same drives never look the same twice. Falling leaves look a little like snow as they float down, down, down.

And there are so many purty sights to see. (Click each photo to make ’em bigger.)

The clouds were being funky in the early evening of Oct. 24.

THEN! It looked like the sky was on fire during sunset the same night.

On Oct. 25, I spent some time in one of my favorite parks. I saw pretty reds and oranges finally emerging and I scrunched my way through lots of browns and yellows already on the ground. *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH* I LOVE that sound!

Whilst in the park, I saw this little guy chillaxin’ under a tree.

On this last one, I know, the sun is blinding, but I wanted to attempt to capture it because, in person, the road looked orange. Now, I’ll remember. Oh, and while I was taking this photo, a lovely couple drove by and slowed to make sure I was OK. Sure, peeps. I’m just a weirdo parked on the side of the road with my blinkers on so I can take pics of an empty back road. But thanks for asking, nice people!

Oh, the lovely sights of the most awesome season. Who knows what images I’ll capture during this week’s adventures. Good thing I planned my work around the nice days. Hey, this only happens once a year. You have to get it before it’s gone.

~ ~ ~
To see last week’s photos, click here.


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