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The password is… annoying

I had no choice. I entered the password to this very site incorrectly once, twice, and then the magic third time. The site then demanded I reset (my own fault for making three the magic number).

So I did. Then I got the bright idea to reset passwords for other sites of mine, since it had been a while. That took some time, but I remained undaunted.

Then I started thinking about other sites where I had to use a password and suffered the same fate as where this all began — not knowing which of the million passwords in my head was the right one. So I decided to change those, too. When I got tired of doing so (and I’m nowhere near done), it was dark outside. An entire afternoon and evening had dissipated.

I can’t believe how many sites I’m on that require passwords. And why, for the love of all things good, can they not have the same criteria? Some want caps mixed with lower case; others want numbers. Some ask for special characters. By the hundred-thousandth site where I was making a password change, I started looking for a specific special character (but it seems that this keyboard, at least, doesn’t come with the middle finger icon).

I broke the rules, though. I wrote down every password that I changed. You’re not supposed to. I know! That’s what “they” say (I hate those people). But you know what, I simply can’t keep track of the zillion sites and their silly password requirements.

Oh, I’ll hide the list. That’ll be good enough, right?

I just hope I never forget where I hid it.

I long for the days when the only Password I needed to know was for this game. This is Jimmy Fallon’s version of the popular game show from the 1960s through 80s, and he’s quite competitive!


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