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I’m baaaaaaaack for at least ‘One Day More”

And just in time for Fall! I’m wearing a sweater! It’s a wee tad chilly in the evenings now. YAY!

Did you have a nice Summer? I hope so. I also hope you laughed a lot. I did.

I laughed until I cried several times when I saw The Book of Mormon. To my surprise, my mother did, too. I think I’ve corrupted her.

I love theater so much, even f-bomb dropping South Park-esque shows. And I love laughing. So imagine my glee when I found the clip below. I got stuck in one of those YouTube loops where you go to see one vid, then all of a sudden, two days have gone by, you haven’t had a shower or eaten, and you have contributed to the fall of the world by watching a Psy or Bieber clip without meaning to. It’s like Wikipedia, but way worse. At least at Wiki, there’s an opportunity to gain some knowledge with all the clicks that lead to other clicks that lead to being on the computer hours longer than expected.


I was searching for the kazoo scene on the school bus in Sixteen Candles, which I found, when I found this gem. I love theater, but I dislike… ok, I hate… Les Mis. Yes, many of the songs are beautiful. Yes, the story between Javert and Valjean is compelling and who doesn’t love a love story (Cosette and Marius), but the rest… It’s a three-hour show, and that’s about 2 hours too long.

I love this clip, however. The kazoo. The heartfelt performances. The “barricade.”

Happy Monday! Happy back from Summer and posting regularly again (on Mondays and Thursdays… wait until you see Thursdays!).

I’m not les miserables! I’m happy! 🙂 For at least One Day More!


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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