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My Lott-Oprah Experience

I played the lotto today. Gots a $2 instant scratch-off game thingy. Found a trusty nickel (best edge for scratching off the play area) and went to town. Game said if I revealed a car symbol, I would win the prize under it.

I scratched the first area: Car. Score! $1.

I scratched the second area: Car. Score again! $3!

On to the next spot: CAR! $1.

After a wee happy dance, I continued on through the other play areas. As the lil’ symbols appeared, I turned into the almighty Oprah:

You get a car!

You get a car!


In the end, I uncovered 6 cars for a windfall of $10.




I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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