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Oh Canada-ha-ha

You know how you start looking at a video or two on the YouTube then all of a sudden day turned to night and your eyes half closing makes sense because it’s now, like, 3 a.m.? At least for me, those interminable click sessions never involve footage of cats.

Last night, after seeing a commercial for the new version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? which airs on the CW (it still exists… who knew?) at 8 p.m. Monday nights, I searched for a video and ended up watching snippets of the show for, like, ever.

Even after all these years, from TV’s break up with the show in the mid-2000s to the reunion started in 2013 that lasts until today, I still love these guys, especially that kooky Canadian, Colin Mochrie. He’s adorbs. And hilarious. Clever. Smart. With a quick wit. I imagine he smells like maple syrup.

I came to know Colin in the early aughts when Whose Line? first arrived in the U.S. I even saw him live once (with Brad Sherwood — they still tour and I will see them again this year. YAY!). My stomach and sides hurt for days after that night. I’m so happy the show is back and that Colin tickles my funny bone every Friday night.

On this Tune-In Tuesday, let him tickle yours (he’s the Canadi-Caucasian dude):

~Maybe they drive special cars in Canada? 😉


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