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Random Thoughts Thursday: What ‘True Tori’ Taught Me

They’re Random! They’re Thoughts! It’s Thursday!

  • I like pointe shoes, cellos, and Shakespeare.
  • I watched all 6 episodes of True Tori.
  • Enigma.
  • Whilst watching True Tori, I learned the following:
  • Some women over the age of 25 still call romantic relationships “fairytales.” I blame the Disney Princesses.
  • Dean calls Tori ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ most of the time. This is a handy way for men who like to roam to never call their S.O. by the wrong woman’s name.
  • Not all Canadian males are lovely (a certain oily-haired one married to Ms. Spelling is sullying my other favorite Canadians’ images… Kiefer, Mr. Platt, Colin Mochrie).
  • High-pitched TV crying should be subtitled or should be accompanied by hand gestures.
I still don't know what she said in this scene. Photo from
I still don’t know what she said.
  • Dean bought bearded dragons upon returning home from rehab and being reunited with his kids and Tori. I did not know that dragons were the way to a woman’s heart.
  • Dean doesn’t understand the definition of irony since he bought a lizard to make up for his cheating. Dean. Bought a lizard.
  • Tori has not four but five children, the oldest being an oily-haired Canadian.
Tori's 5 children (L to R): Finn, Stella, Big Dean, Liam, and Hattie. Photo from
Tori’s 5 children (L to R): Finn, Stella, Big Dean, Liam, and Hattie. Photos from


  • Forget Donna Martin graduates!

Donna Martin graduates!

  • Now Donna Martin irritates. (She kinda stood up for herself, then not, then… “I may not get my happy ending.” Make your own happy ending, darling.)
  • I’ll be reading a book a day forever for having subjected my brain to first Lindsay on Own and now True Tori.
  • Now THAT’s a happy ending for me.


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