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It finally caught my Pinterest

I don’t know how it happened or why. pinterest_badge_red I tried it once before and was like, “huh?” That was a couple of years ago. Lately, whilst spending more time online with my websites and the Twitter, etc., for my writing, et. al., that lil’ red Pin It button I saw places kept calling to me.

Pin it.
Pin IT!

All right! I did!

In a blur, I entered my username and a password, verified my e-mail, and then, urged on by the ever so helpful instruction arrow thingys, started pinning. Create a board! Search categories you like! See what your friends are pinning! (Peer pressure, Pinterest? Really?)

I don’t know how long I was under its spell. The sun was either rising or setting when my bloodshot bleary eyes finally listened to my aching wrist: “I have to rest! I can’t stay in this position and keep clicking, clicking, clicking the PIN IT buttons. We can do more later, I promise.”

In two days (I think) of scrolling, reading, oohing and aahing, and liking those I wasn’t quite committed to pinning to one of my 12 boards (Self, please don’t make more), I clicked PIN IT on 143 things.

I will not become obsessed. No, really. Sure, I reveled in the thrill of organizing the boards and giving them titles (I loves me some organization!). And it’s nice to see pretty things or places I’ve been or movies I love in an inspirational all-in-one-place set up. But I don’t understand how people spend days clicking away after the initial something shiny! wears off.

I say that now… come back and check on me in a week. If I’m still attached to my laptop and searching for the perfect pin of (insert vapid thing I’m looking for), please… stage a Pintervention. Here’s to hoping the slope isn’t so slippery.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

2 thoughts on “It finally caught my Pinterest

    1. I visit about once a week and find a few pins. I think I would spend more time there if I was cooking more, planning a wedding or redecorating my house. 🙂 There are some fun things on there, though. I’m just happy I’m not as addicted as some people seem to be. Phew!


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