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Random Thoughts Thursday: A #Hashtag Edition

  • I love Twitter. There, I said it.
  • #admission #truelove #brevity
  • Yesterday, I discovered Twitter lists, a way to group people together so I don’t miss any tweets by said peoples in the long list o’ tweets that greets me every morning (afternoon… and evening).
  • #latetotheparty #organized #rockinitlikeits2007
  • I don’t like that hashtags don’t use punctuation.
  • #writerproblems #grammarnazi
  • But I love the interaction and lack of baby and feet photos, as well as not having endless memes asking me to participate or post something as my status for an hour or a baby otter bites it.
  • #conversation #betterthanfacebook
  • I #cantstopmyself with the hashtags… I must be recharged by that yellow ball in the sky that made me feel like I was an ant under a magnifying glass whilst sitting in my car at the park reading (She Got Off the Couch, and other Heroic Acts from Mooreland, Indiana).
  • #toohot #carcooking #springhathsprung
  • Back to work with me.
  • #hihohiho
  • But hey, tomorrow’s Friday!
  • #awesomesauce #everybodysworkinfortheweekend #ilovethe80s #happydance


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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