May I please see your ID?

It happened again.

I looked at the teller tucked behind the thick glass pane of the bank’s drive thru and thought, I would hate to sit in a tiny room with a huge glass window like that. It’s like a storefront which leads me to… How much is bank worker in the window?…

After taking my check from the metal drawer thingy where I had placed it, she looked at me.

“Do you need a balance?” She said, then looked more closely. “Is this your account?”

My brow furrowed a bit as I responded, “Yes, is there a problem?”

She paused then looked at her computer screen again. “Well, you don’t… I’m sorry… I was just confused. You don’t look your age.”

I smiled. “Thanks. I get that a lot.” Then I wondered just how much of my info was on the screen… and since my birthday was coming up soon (which she apparently knew), if she’d give me one of the fancy green plastic bracelets embossed with the bank logo strewn near the overflowing dog biscuit container as a pre-birthday gift.

She kind of shook her head, put the receipt for the transaction in the drawer near her then pushed it toward me and my open car window. “I’m sorry again. You’re lucky. You look really young,” she said, as if I was 90.

I smiled and nodded and grabbed the receipt (no bracelet). I drove away wondering how much longer I can get away with looking like a college student. Then I had a lovely thought: I look young and have always looked young for my age. ‘Tis a gift I shall appreciate even more as I grow older (if that’s happening, which is apparently up for debate).

Hey, does this make me the female Karate Kid? Better find my Mr. Miyagi and hope my back holds up through the training.

*Note to anyone under the age of 29: The REAL Karate Kid is Ralph Macchio, who was in his 20s when he played a high school kid who got his butt kicked in 1984. Let’s look back, this Tune-In Tuesday, to the extremely young-looking actor, who’s 52 now (but looks like he’s still in his 30s), as The Karate Kid.

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