Random Thoughts Thursday: It’s SPRING

  • Spring. Hath. SPRUNG!
  • WOO! We made it!
  • Even I, lover of snow and winter, am ready for warmer days.
  • Of course, the birds chirping at 6 a.m., I could do without.
  • If it’s Spring, why am I still wearing a warm, heavy coat today?
  • Hoodies. I want to wear hoodies and not be cold.
  • Starburst jelly beans are the best.
  • Apologies for the whiplash — no segue there!
  • Dairy Queen is O.P.E.N.
  • The best month of the year is rapidly approaching.
  • It is, too. And April babies are the most awesome.
  • Why, yes, my birthday is in April, why do you ask?
  • Spring! Spring is here! YAY!

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