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Daylight Saving Against My Will

I am sleepy. And grumpy. I want my hour back.

I also want people to read about Daylight Saving Time (that’s Saving, singular, not plural, people) and focus on science. “We get an extra hour of daylight!” some exclaim. No, we don’t. It’s the same hour of sunlight from earlier in the day moved to the end of the day. And you stole an hour of my darkness in the middle of the night to make it happen.

We just switched back to Standard Time in November. I slumbered for the finally-returned 60 minutes and woke up feeling energized and circadian-rhythmically balanced. Ah, I remember that extra hour of sleep fondly. I dreamed about it last night, in fact, and will every night until I get it back again.

Yes, I understand you’d like to ride your bike in complete Lance Armstrong regalia on the narrowest roads with no shoulders until 9 p.m. in July. I also know that runners and walkers like to sprawl out across an entire lane of the only road going in and out the county park because the trails, I guess, are too narrow for people to walk four by four.

I get it. You like to be outside, but can’t you do that until just 8 p.m.? Isn’t a sunset at that time late enough? Really, the humidity factor in this region makes it too hot by that time in the evening to do anything other than sit completely still so the sweat drips off to make even puddles on the floor.

I know I’m complaining. You’ll have to forgive me – I’m working on less sleep than usual. If DST was beneficial to my health, I would be its biggest champion. I suffer lots of things that aren’t my favorite things because they’re good for me (broccoli, I’m looking at you). The bags under my eyes this morning alert me to the fact that losing an hour of sleep isn’t good for me. And there is research saying there are more accidents and heart attacks the week after DST kicks in, and IT’S BAD FOR US, OK?

You go outside and enjoy your “extra hour.” I’m going to spend that time indoors researching places to live in Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Marianas Islands, which don’t participate in this silly practice, one that isn’t required by the government, by the way. That’s right, it’s optional. Hey, wait, can I opt out then? Where’s the button to click? Who do I send my e-mail to?

Yes, Benjamin Franklin had many good ideas. This is not one of them. I know many don’t agree and would like me to go fly a kite. I’ll let you do that, until 9 p.m. in July, because you like to be outside in the bright night sky. In the meantime, I’m just longing for the return of Standard Time as well as my lost hour, which I’ll be feeling for days.


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